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Eat, Sleep &- Play! Yes, Life- is Good!
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 10:14am PST 
What are your opinions on Petsmart?

I personally like the store except for the food and treats they sell. I think they have nice beds, collars, leashes, bowls. I love their grooming and training as well. However, I have heard Dogsters saying bad things about this store. Is there something I don't know about this store? What do you think?

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The Guardian
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 10:23am PST 
Only reason I don't like Petsmart (and Petco) is because they are overpriced. I've gotten ripped off SO many times from buying things at Petsmart when I could have gotten it MUCH cheaper at my local, non chain pet store (I always thought they wouldn't have what I needed at the local pet store but they always did, I found, but only /after/ I'd buy it from Petsmart). $50 for a furminator for example when they first came out, could have gotten it for $30 at the other store (and heck, now they're $8-10). lol I try not to buy anything at Petsmart/Petco anymore if I can help it.

Thats about it though. I love the fact that Petsmart helps to get animals adopted though, rather than selling puppies and kittens from mills.

ETA- Yea, the food could be better too. That's not gonna happen though. At least they have some decent/good brands (or is that Petco?)...

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I have just met- you and I LOVE- you!
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 10:34am PST 
I don't shop there because they're expensive! I don't have a problem with them, really, but I have several really great independent stores in my area that have a better selections for WAY less, and I like to support the little guys, too. No problem with them, if I didn't have another choice I'd shop at one, but I prefer to shop at the indies near me.


snugglesaurus- rex
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 10:51am PST 
see, i think their beds aren't very good. i think they are cheaper and better at costco so that's where i have gotten 4 beds from.

they do carry wellness which is where i bought it when i was in the states. they had a $5 off anything coupon plus there was a $5 off wellness coupon so it was pretty good price.

for me, i've never lived in a place where there are local pet shops that aren't boutique or cheaper. so, when we move back, i will continue to shop there but it is possible to get good deals on things as long as your patient.

Eat, Sleep &- Play! Yes, Life- is Good!
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 11:01am PST 
Yes, they sell Blue Buffalo and Wellness there. The rest is Purina, Pedigree, etc.

I bought a green bed for our dog Brutus there a few years ago and we still have it today. He loves it and I do too because its cute and comfy for him!

Our local petstores around here are the complete opposite-- they have ridiciously expensive prices. PetSmart is a lot cheaper than the local petstores around here, thats for sure.

I have been starting to like Pet Supplies Plus now as well. Prices are pretty good.
Tanuk CGC

Sherpa Tanuk of- Everest
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 11:24am PST 
Hmm, I have a different experience than others. Our Petsmart has very reasonable prices, the cheapest you'll find in our area. The local stores tend to have better food and all, yes, but their toy prices are insane. Petco is a whole different store, their prices are ridiculous, I only go there as a last resort.

Petsmart does carry the crud foods, but they also cater to a larger audience and everyone cannot always afford the better quality food, so the crud is available too. Ours carries Blue Buffalo, By Nature, Wellness, and some other not too bad foods.

Their training can be hit or miss though.

bitches love- pantaloons
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 4:16pm PST 
They're way overpriced. I pretty much only go there to buy Oxbow products for my guinea pig now. I get everything else at non-chain stores or online.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 4:31pm PST 
My Petsmart is ok. Most of our local stores are boutique high end type stores so they aren't cheaper.

I usually shop at a chain called Pet Supermarket. The sell a lot of the higher end brand foods and have a program of buy 10 get one free for their dry dog food and cases of canned foods.

Such a Happy- Girl

Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 5:52pm PST 
Most bully breed owners I know do not like to shop at Petsmart because some of their services (ie daycare) are discriminatory to bully breeds.

I agree, training at Petsmart is hit or miss depending on the trainer.

Their prices are competitive or a little higher than the locally-owned pet store.

st. francis of- asses
Barked: Sun Jan 2, '11 6:42pm PST 
I use Petsmart for toys and beds and also cat stuff. We used to buy food there when my pups were on wilderness. Now that they are on wellness core, i have to go to a pet boutique. Their prices are alot cheaper than anywhere else. The only bed in my house that lasted with puppies was a kong bed bought from petsmart! My only gripe with them is allowing dogs on unlocked flexi leads in the store. I stopped taking my dogs in there because of it.
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