A better water bowl for us long eared dogs!

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Tough Runt
Barked: Mon Jul 18, '05 9:49pm PST 
Hey guys. I don't know if any of you guys have this problem, but grandma's dog dives right into the water bowl. She gets her ears wet every time she drinks, and then always manages to come and rub it all over you when she is done. So, mom was curious to see if someone made a special dog bowl for long eared pups... and low and behold, they do! I just thought I would share it with you guys.


I guess it works well because the dog has to position itself vertically along the "bone bowl" in order to get it's tongue in the water. So, it is forced to let it's ears fall to the side of the bowl.

pretty neat stuff!

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Tue Jul 19, '05 1:15am PST 

Such a Happy- Girl

Barked: Tue Jul 19, '05 6:49am PST 
That's pretty nifty!

Logan- ♥

You say spoiled- like it's a bad- thing.
Barked: Wed Jul 20, '05 6:34pm PST 
I found at PetSmart large water bottles for traveling that you attach to a crate. They're kinda like the ones for rabbits or gerbils but bigger. It didn't take long at all to teach our pup to drink from it...no mess!
"Rusty the Terrible"

Barked: Thu Jul 21, '05 1:39am PST 
Another water trick for those who have the large autowater containers.....

You know, the one that holds like 2 gallons and makes a mess when you flip it over after filling it up.

Solution....if you have an ice maker.....fill that sucker up with ice and wallah! no mess & cold water....

Socks rock- baby!!!
Barked: Thu Jul 21, '05 6:11am PST 
That is so cool I love how it is shaped like a bone, very cute. I have the same issue, I am always getting water or yucky food in my ears. You can check out these sites tool, my mom has been meaning to buy a bowl for me but hasn't ordered them yet, thanks for the info and site.

http://www.activek9.com/et-06406.h tml