Woman brings toddler, food and dog aggresive dogs to dog park

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Barked: Fri Sep 30, '05 11:29am PST 
sometimes that happens, people dont follow rules and things get ugly..i brought my sandwhich once and got ambushed by 3 dogs, never again will i do that (whhoow)
Quinn AKA The Love Bomb

The Evil- Count- Crapula
Barked: Fri Sep 30, '05 12:26pm PST 
Crikey!! I totally understand how all of you feel!! Brandy and I are lucky because we have several dog parks in our area to choose from, but one of our favorites has exactly the same stuff going on!! Why on earth anyone would bring a baby or a small child to a dogpark is beyond comprehension. I think we are all very protective of our humans anyway, especially the small ones, and to put us in this kind of situation where we feel even more protective is just wrong!! I am a VERY friendly guy and once I went up to say hi to this small human girl-- I gently put my paws on her shoulders and gave her a big fat smooch and then left her alone. She wasn't hurt and I didn't knock her over but she started screaming like someone had beaten her!! Luckily, my very own humans had seen what happened so I didn't get in any trouble and the girl's mum took her home. In my experience, the really small humans don't like going to the dog park to begin with, it's not fun for them. Most of them start screaming and crying even before one of us gets near them. Last time we went to that particular park, this lady carried her newborn babe into the park-- no carriage, no snuggly, no nothing-- and she didn't even have a dog, she was with her friend. Humans can be sooo dumb sometimes!! My humans said we will not go back to that park because of those other ignorant humans. It makes us sad cause we have a lot of friends that go there and we probably won't ever see them at our regular park because you have to pay or buy a membership to go and a lot of people can't (or won't) afford it. It's just not fair!!

Barked: Fri Sep 30, '05 12:29pm PST 
I walk the guys in a dog park that is also a cemetery (http://www.cemeterydogs.org). It's 33 acres entirely fenced. Even though it is an official dog park, people come in to jog or ride bikes (no dog with them), and then are surprised when a dog might run after them. Sigh.

Plus, many dog owners do bring small infants, toddlers, etc. My favorite moment re that subject was parents who brought their 1 week old baby to the park. The baby was hanging off the front of dad in a front pack, face forward, legs and arms hanging down. As myself and a friend walked our dogs past, we noted dad swatting dogs away who were jumping up to see junior. Just as we walked by, my clever friend Jeanette looked over at the spectacle, and remarked in a very audible voice, "Oh, fresh baby."

I couldn't stop laughing. Junior was lucky to make it out with baby legs intact. But then again, with such stupid parents, he'll be lucky to make it out of most situations. Oh, fresh baby.


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Barked: Mon Oct 10, '05 4:22pm PST 
Yeah people that bring food to the park make me angry, this guy gave Kikko a mango SEED and then has the disrespect of telling me that "its okay, she likes it." Don't give my dog garbage that you are too lazy to throw away and then tell ME the dog's owner that its okay for her to eat it. I was so paranoid about her having some of the mango that i spent 3 hrs searching on the net trying to find out if mango is bad for dogs. Needless to say she had diarrhea for the next 2 days after that inccident.
Rosie- Moondog

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Barked: Sun Oct 16, '05 3:56pm PST 
I've got a story you'll love. There's a park near our house (just a regular park not a dog park). Everyone in the neighborhood walks their dogs there. Well there's this woman who used to come there and jog around with two aggressive dogs lashed to her waist. Every time a person or dog goes by the dogs freak out and practically pull her down. She used to only have one dog. That one knocked our neighbor to the ground breaking her leg. The woman took her dog and left. She didn't even try to help. Well she was doing so well with the first dog that she got another dog.

As I was saying, she jogs around with these two aggressive dogs that she can barely control. One day the big dog got away from her and attacked another person's dog. Just like before she left with her dogs and didn't even try to help. The other dog needed stitches and a drainage tube because of the attack. Well now we're all instructed to call animal control and the police if we see this woman and her dogs. She's so mean to them too. She slaps them and hits them when they bark and lunge. Some people have even seen her whip them with her leash as if it's the dogs' fault that she has no control over them. Ugh some people are just morons and idiots.

She hasn't come back to the park since this happened, but if she does she's going to be in big trouble.

If I had been at the park with my dad when this woman came with her dogs, toddler, and Wendy's we would have told her to get out. And if she didn't, we'd make her get out. Then we'd report her to Social Services for bringing her child into a potentially dangerous situation that she created. Some people are just plain stupid.
Leo (RIP- 22/10/93 - 28/03/08)

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Barked: Mon Oct 17, '05 8:16am PST 
We don't have 'dog parks' here in Ireland - from the sounds of it they seem to be a lot of trouble (no offence meant to those of you who love them!) I think if we had them here they would be full of kids drinking & fighting anyway!
Many of the 'normal' parks here insist you keep your dogs on leads the whole time - luckaly the wardens don't seem to inforce this though & we're allowed off the lead when they're arent lots of people or dogs arround (as I like to stur things up - luckaly I have a sensible Mum who knows that although I do like other dogs I really love to wind them up which does cause them to go for me sometimes & then I will pick on them back, but I'm not a really bad boy honestly I'm not)
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Barked: Thu Oct 20, '05 1:08pm PST 
The dog park in our city (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA) has rules posted forbidding food (people&dog), children under 12 and aggressive dogs. That park also has an active volunteer group that enforces the rules. It's only been open for about 2 years, but they say that they haven't had many problems because once the rules are pointed out to people, they leave or follow the rules.

The Parks and Rec people in our city were very hesitant to open this first park but it's been so successful they just approved the second one in the park near me. That's wonderful because the first one is a half-an-hour one-way from me. I've only been 2 or 3 times but it was lots of fun only I didn't know the dogs very well cause they came from so far away from me.

Barked: Fri Oct 21, '05 1:55pm PST 
This is just one of MANY reasons why mom doesn't take us to offleash dog parks(another being we don't have one anywhere near here also)
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