Woman brings toddler, food and dog aggresive dogs to dog park

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Bridgette- 2004 -2007

Do you have any- food?
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 2:59pm PST 
Our dog park specifically says do not bring in food except dog treats. It is also reasonable to expect that dog aggressive dogs are restrained while at the park, and that toddlers that can barely walk should not be allowed to romp around. These are things that just make sense.
So the other day a woman brings food (Wendy's), her toddler and two dog aggressive dogs to the park, and lets the dogs loose. The other dogs at the park (including Bridgette) are interested in the food and dogs and go over to investigate. The woman's dogs growl and snarl, and the toddler starts to cry. Then during the commotion, her own dog knocks the toddler on the ground, and the child cries even louder. Then the woman anounces that her child already had an injury and that her dogs do not like other dogs. What was she thinking? Bridgette's day at the park was ruined because she had to stay on a down until this inconsiderate woman left the park. And the whole situation could have been a lot worse! Where is the common sense?
Sabrina- 2000~2012

To break- injustice we- must break- silence
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 3:48pm PST 
When we first moved out here and used to go to the dog park one day a family came and tried to have a picnic. This is in Pt. Isabel, which can have in my guess probably over 100 dogs in it at a time. They set a blanket on the ground and laid out all their food and then wondered why dogs kept running over! My friend's dog ran over before they saw what he was running to and the people having a picnic even gave him some chips (he's very food sensitive and allergic to like everything).

I'm sorry your day was ruined. It makes me so mad that people can be so inconsiderate!

Eat, run, and be- merry.
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 5:37pm PST 
Don't even get me started on people at dog parks...we've had all three, but never a combination of all three. People just never cease to amaze me. It kills me how people will bring food in and not watch their kids when they are in there. It just drives me nuts. A child is going to get hurt - and a dog is going to bear the brunt of irresponsible person.

----Jordan--- --

Sweet & gentle- rabble rouser
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 6:06pm PST 
How about this: a new sign in front of one of the largest parks we have reads 'welcome to a wireless internet area', giving instructions for getting on the net. It specifically mentions the name of the dog park on the sign.

So your woman with dogs, with toddler, with food, will need a fourth arm for her laptop if she visits.
Keiko- (4/8/98-12/5- /12)

Queen fuddy- duddy
Barked: Tue Sep 13, '05 6:33pm PST 
If this lady had come to our park, she would have been told by numerous people that:

a) food is not allowed in the park for obvious reasons

b) if her dogs are dog aggressive and she knows it, why the heck are they there?

c) if she can't properly watch her kid and dogs at the same time, the gate is right over there and she can leave.

Parker - oversized- lap-dog
Barked: Wed Sep 14, '05 2:53am PST 
Oh, you guys remind me of something that just happened a couple of weeks ago. A local park, that is dog-friendly, but also used by trail bikers, has one area that is known to always be full of loose dogs. It's a beach area where people bring the pups for a swim.

I always head straight for this area because Parker gets a great game of chase and a swim. This day there were 18 dogs (I counted) in this small area.

A couple on bikes pedals down , parks their bikes, and proceeds to set up a full-blown picnic on the beach with the dogs running around.

If that isn't bad enough, the man was stomping at and yelling at the dogs to leave!?!? I was about to snap when the man kicked at an 11 week old husky puppy that was investigating his food bag. It was a full blown war then! The pups owner lost his mind! The picnicing man's justification for his behaviour was that he didn't believe dogs should be allowed at the park!


Luckily he never made contact with the puppy... cute, friendly little guy...

Barked: Wed Sep 14, '05 7:10am PST 
We've had numerous people like that at my dog park. One of the only good occurances was when one particular woman brought in her son (2-4 years old) to see all the dogs. (Oh, our dog park is right by our public library) The little boy picked up a tennis ball and was holding it over his head when my friends Great Dane decided to run over and get the ball. Needless to say the boy was knocked down. His mother went over to him, picked him up, and then said "thats what you get for not throwing the ball". I was so happy to see a mom like this in our dog park. She didn't blame the dog at all.
Paris-- CGC &- Therapy Dog

Missy Wiggle- Butt
Barked: Wed Sep 14, '05 8:55am PST 
I don't like those kinds of people that you guys talk about but i have 2 issues with people at the dog park that we go to.
1) people think Paris is soooo cute so they will pick her up when she walks by to say "hi" then they keep her on thier lap petting her. Now what dog isn't gonna turn down some nice attention like that? Of course Paris just sits there. But I didn't bring her to the dog park to get attention for people. I'm forever telling them to just please put her on the ground so she can play with the dogs.
2) theres this guy who has a small dog at our park, he's about 7 months and not fixed. His dog humps everybody elses dog. He REALLY likes Paris and this Rat Terrier. The guy never tells his dog to stop or makes him get off. He just laughs. He thinks its cute that his dog has "girlfriends". So I am always pulling his dog off mine and telling him no. Paris just lays down when he humps her and gets a scared "help me" look on her face.

Pardon my- mud-mask
Barked: Wed Sep 14, '05 11:22am PST 
How nice you guys have dog parks near you! Do the dog-areas have fences, or do you all have dogs that can be let off-leash?

Eat, run, and be- merry.
Barked: Wed Sep 14, '05 11:36am PST 
Our park has two large offleash areas - one that is entirely fenced in and another that is fenced on two sides and boardered by woods on the other two sides.

It is literally my dogs' favorite place on earth.
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