Dog bites, are they reported if they require medical attention?

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Barked: Mon Mar 10, '14 4:07pm PST 
We have some lowlife neighbors, the other day a work release crew (chain gang without the chain) was cleaning up along our road. The neighbors German Sheppard mix ran down the hill and bit one of the young men.

The dog was not provoked, the house and yard is way up the hill from where they were cleaning up. The dog kept biting and going after the young man until my other neighbor who was passing by let him get into her car to get away from the dog.

The crew supervisor was not evident at the time. I don’t know anything else about the incident, but it worries me. The young man was bitten across from my mailbox. I haven’t ever seen the black Sheppard mix, but I am jumpy getting the mail and I don’t let any of the dogs walk to the mail box with me anymore.

I encouraged my neighbor to report the incident to the police, but she hasn't found the time. I didn't see the incident and if I report it, it will be hearsay. Don’t hospitals have to report dog bites? Is it likely that someone will look into the matter?
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Here in Illinois, doctors are required to report a dog bite to Animal Control. My foster dog bit a girl and they took her in to urgent care to get it examined. It was reported to AC and we had to go through the quarantine period. I encouraged them to seek medical attention, it's something I would have done if it were me or my kid.

I'm not sure how they go about investigating though. Ours was easy- they told the doctor the rescue's info and the rescue contacted us. We had to take the dog in to the vet and have paperwork filled out, then go back 10 days later and have paperwork filled out again.

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Thank you for your response.
I hope that is done here too, but Alabama can be a little backwards especially about animals. We haven't seen or heard the black Sheppard mix since the incident. It may have been taken away,they might have hidden it away, or they might have chained it somewhere. naughty

These people are really hard to deal with. Two of the adults just went back to jail and they have been arrested on drug charges in the past. I feel sorry for their pets but I really don't want to tangle with them or with their dog.


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Obviously if it's a neighbor you like you might let it slide. Callie scratched the lady next door once and she didn't give us a hard time, bless her gray little heart. But if it's neighbors like you describe I'd anonymously call animal control if I see that poor dog loose again...that's a sad situation.

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A girl who works at the switchboard at the semminary was viciously attacked by her sister's husky over the Christmas break. The dog was a rescue and always had a fear of men. Her sister was visiting for Christmas and brought the dog home with her. There were other dogs around and Lauren was with her father when she went to give the dog a hug, and thinking that it was Lauren's father, the husky turned and went for her face. Once the dog realized it was Lauren and not her father, she became very submissive. Unfortunately Lauren ended up getting a lot of stitches on her face, and the incident was reported, and the dog had to be quarantined for 10 days. Lauren is a dog lover and understood that the dog was simply reacting in fear, so she didn't blame the dog. The incident turned out OK for all parties involved. The outcome could've been much worse for the dog as most of the time the dog gets blamed.

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I have never seen the dog, I was told about the incident as a warning to be careful because my mailbox is just across from where the dog attacked the young man.

I would normally let a dog incident slide, even if I don't care for the people. It's just the idea of this dog coming out of the tall grass bent on mayhem scares me and I am now afraid to let my dogs come to the mail box with me anymore and they love walking to the mailbox.

I always use a leash, but there is little I could do if we were ambushed. Hopefully they moved him to a more secure location. I mentioned the character, or lack thereof of my neighbors because I am not willing to try to go to their home and talk to them about my concerns.
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Around here, the bite is reported, but the person who was bit does not have to say anything to receive treatment.

So, if they have any interest in protecting the identity of the dog who bit, the report doesn't actually say anything at all, other than that so-and-so showed up with a dog bite wound. I can't imagine a prisoner has that motivation, though. More likely it was reported but no one knew where the dog came from, no there can't be any follow through.