PLEASE HELP! Dog in Custody at Risk for Euthanization**

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Barked: Thu Sep 12, '13 4:56pm PST 
A friend forwarded this email to me today:

Hi there,

By all accounts the dog's owner is a truly terrible dog owner, has treated the animal horribly, and encouraged its aggressive behavior. This case is the second documented incident where the dog has bitten a person, however, on both this occasion and the last, the dog bit a person after his owner started attacking someone.

The dog has been "in the custody" of Animal Control in San Francisco since August 24th. The owner is not going to be getting out of custody, is a registered sex offender, and does not have a valid license to own a dog (apparently as a sex offender/felon there are certain requirements). Because of the two documented bite incidents animal control is telling me that they are now going to euthanize the dog -- soon. They had planned on doing it TODAY, but I asked them to hold off at least for a day so that I could try to figure out something.

Below are three pictures of the dog. His name is Smoke. He is 110 lbs I would imagine that if I could tell Animal Control that there was somewhere we could bring him, they may be amenable to NOT euthanizing him.

I have never dealt with this sort of situation before, and would love any help you can give.

Photo of Smoke 1

Photo of Smoke 2

Photo of Smoke 3

Dogsters, do you have any ideas about how to help Smoke? PAWLEASE post here, email me at lori@dogster.com, and share with your Groups, and social networks!

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