Deramaxx adverse effects

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My dog is in the ER where he had to have emergency surgery because Deramaxx caused a hole in his intestines. The surgeon actually said that Deramaxx does this. It was touch and go and he still is not ready to come home. My baby boy has suffered and we have been worried sick about him. I am beside myself that this drug is on the market and the FDA hasn't stepped in.

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I'm sorry to hear about your dog, but this doesn't happen to all dogs taking Deramaxx. Murphy has been on it for some time now but a low dosage and he hasn't had any problems at all, he takes half a 75 mg pill every day. I have not heard anyone else having problems with Deramaxx and Vets are usually in tune to this, they wouldn't prescribe it if it was harmful to dogs. Of course just like flea meds and other meds some dogs react badly to them just like humans do. Good luck to you and your dog.
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This is a known side effect of most NSAIDs, including (human) aspirin. All drugs carry the potential for side effects, the FDA makes sure those side effects are either mild, or will effect only a very small portion of the people or animals using the drug. This is why you hear the long and frightening list of side effects after ads from everything from birth control to antidepressants to arthritis meds on television. Most people will not have a heart attack, liver failure, psychosis, etc... But a very small percentage of people in trials did.

It's up to us to decide whether the condition we, or our animals, are in warrants the risk of using a specific drug, and monitor them for signs of a problem. For whatever it's worth, it very often is well worth the risk. I remember, when I was a kid, a certain arthritis drug was pulled from the market because it was found to cause heart problems in too high a percentage of users. But the drug was so effective, and there were no comparable drugs, that a huge number of people protested the FDAs call to halt production. They said they would rather have lived 2 more months on the drug and had a heart attack than lived 2 more years in the pain they were in.