Is this legal?

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I'm seriously peeved off. My mom went away on vacation for a while and came home with treats for the dogs (like she always does) she bought from a pet store that claimed they sold nothing from China. She thought she was safe to buy them whatever, so she got them two bags of Barnsdale Farms chicken jerky (can you see where this is going?). For those that don't know, there have been numerous cases of dogs getting sick and even dying after eating chicken jerky from China. So she brings them home and starts to feed them to the dogs. LUCKILY I asked her to stop (my other dog ate one piece) so I could look into them first. Apparently the packaging requires that they state where the product comes from, so I look all over and find nothing except 'proudly North American' and a sticker that says 'Product of Canada'. But then I saw that something at the very bottom of the package was blacked out with what appears to be a sharpie. No way I was going to let that slide, so I took some nail polish remover and cotton balls and rubbed it off. Of course, underneath it says 'PRODUCT OF CHINA'. Is that legal? Who should I talk to about this?

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Product tampering, even with the just the packaging is illegal, as far as I know. At the very least, it's false advertising(also illegal?not sure)and deceptive. However, if you try to do something about it, they may claim you sharpied the package yourself. So, go to the store where the treats were bought and see if the other packages have also been blacked out. Take a photo with your cell phone. Then, bring it to the managers(not just an employee) attention, along with your package and receipt. Also, if the store is owned by a company, email corporate the pictures you took of the package, along with a picture of your receipt showing the date of purchase.

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I looked at your pictures and I am completely disgusted. I would contact the management of the store as well as the company that makes the treats.


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I don't know where you are located or where the treats were bought but if you are in the U.S. and the store where the treats were purchased in the U.S.
you might want to contact the BBB.(Better Business Bureau) and have them investigate as well. I'm glad that your pups are okay and only got one small bite before you discovered the true origin of the treats. Good Luck.

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Its POSSIBLE that this product actually is a product of Canada and they are cycling out old packaging, manufacturers will sometime do that and put a new sticker label over whatever old information was on the package until they run through whatever they have left of the old printings.

That said, the sharpie business is VERY suspicious, fairly certain no reputable manufacturer would do that... definitely worthy of further investigation. I would call the manufacturer and ask if they know anything about this, if not go after the distributor or store.
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If you live in the US and don't get any satisfaction from contacting the manufacturer, then I would contact the Federal Trade Commission. They want to know about things like that. I've dealt with them before and they were very helpful. Good Luck!
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Some states in the US have labeling regulations for pet food.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires that pet food be truthfully labeled. Quoting from the FDA website: "Pet food labeling is regulated at two levels. The current FDA regulations require proper identification of the product, net quantity statement, name and place of business of the manufacturer or distributor, and proper listing of all the ingredients in the product in order from most to least, based on weight."

If you want to try complaining to FDA the link to "How to Report a Pet Food Complaint" can be found on this page: http://www.fda.gov/AnimalVeterinary/Products/AnimalFoodFeeds/PetFood /default.htm

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I sent an inquiry to the manufacturer just out of curiosity, and here is the response:
"Please rest assured that the product in question Is made in Canada from North American sources (not China) They were old bags ordered wrong form the printer"

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I would talk to the store manager about it. They could help you out.

You could also try talking to the company.

Thank god that you took the time to look at the package!