Dog abused at vet clinic

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video and article here
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There's no link. Can you try posting it again?

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Thanks for telling me hopefully it will work this time http://www.clickorlando.com/news/orlando-veterinarian-investigated-a fter-dog-abuse-caught-on-video/-/1637132/20762994/-/fqgm2pz/-/index. html


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That is just sickening. How can anyone, ESPECIALLY a person who is there to take care of animal do that to one of their patients?!?!?!?!? That poor dog! I hope the owners of that dog are suing the crap out of that woman for every last penny she has because this type of person deserves nothing in life.
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clicky link:

dog abuse news article

strange how the newscaster said "what some call animal abuse", while they are showing the video of the "person" slamming the dog against the wall. confused What would you call it besides abuse?!

If I had been a client of theirs, I would never go back to that vet office, even though the woman was fired, I don't like the main vets attitude towards the whole thing and he doesn't even know who the abused dog belongs to.

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The Vet's attitude alone about the entire situation is enough for me to stay very, very far away. His business is about to go down the drain, quite drastically, just for his response in the article alone - he's condoning the behavior of the manager based upon the dog having bitten staff prior. Cause there isn't a better way to handle the dog? It's not the manager who should be the only one with repercussions, but in this instance, the Vet as well.

If he doesn't view HANGING A DOG BY THE COLLAR AND SLAMMING IT INTO A WALL abuse, than what the heck did he expect to do about it, if anyone HAD come forward to him about it? All he did in the article too was condone the manager's reaction to the dog!


It appears the clinic is receiving a lot of threats at this point.

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naughty silenced..........................

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Unless you have a good relationship with the vet clinic, you never know what happens behind closed doors. When we adopted Seela (6 yrs) she just trembled and shook in the clinic rooms. It makes me wonder what happened at a vets because this is the only times she shows this much anxiety and fear. It has taken near two years for her to stop shaking at the vets but her heart still races. Not all vets are good, just like every profession, you get good and bad. It is up to you to check out where you take your dog, vets, boarding kennels and sitters, all have to be checked out.

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That is disgusting. How hard would it have been to simply muzzle the dog?