Sister's dog killed while boarding - HELP NEEDED

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Barked: Tue Jun 25, '13 5:24pm PST 
My sister from Colorado recently came up to visit with her and her husband's new baby. Since they flew here and traveled all over the state, they boarded their family dog, a miniature poodle, with a local kennel. When they got back home, they discovered their dog was killed the first day he was there. My sister had lost her phone, but her husband swears he gave the kennel his phone number, but that is why they didn't find this out until a week later. It's been hard to get details about the situation, there are some fires locally that the police have been dealing with, but this is what I know:
They checked out the kennel their dog was boarded in, he is an escape artist and a climber (they informed the kennel owner), so they picked the "escape proof" kennel which was cemented up to my sister's waist, and fully enclosed. The exact details leading up to their dogs death are unclear, at first they were told their dog got out of the kennel and another dog bit him through its kennel. More recently, after they got access to the report from the humane society, it sounds like their dog may have escaped his kennel, into an empty kennel, where the dog pulled up the chain link and then killed their dog. It seems this may have happened at night, because the kennel owner said he doesn't go out to check on them unless he hears something. It seems like the kennel owner is trying to brush this off as a freak accident.

My sister is devastated, they've had some really bad luck with their past few dogs, their sheltie had to be put down a couple months ago because he had cancer, and this same situation has actually happened to them before (their dog being killed while boarding). They are really overwhelmed right now, and don't know exactly how to handle the situation. As far as they know the dog that killed theirs doesn't have any history of aggression, but they'd like to still have it labeled as a dangerous dog, at the least. Other than that they're not sure what to do, any advice or information about what they can/should do would be greatly appreciated, I'm trying to help them with this as much as I can.

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What a truly horrible experience. I'm so sorry for your sister's loss.

I haven't got much advice, but I would have thought it impossible to do anything without any definite proof of what happened. It sounds like the kennel owner has no idea what happened himself...or is covering up the truth.

Sadly I have worked in a few kennels where the treatment of the dogs is less than ideal and it's a real eye opener!
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I'd start by sending a complaint about the kennel to the BBB.


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They need to push to investigate. If they plan to sue, they should be speaking with a lawyer. They are going to need to prove negligence if they want anything from the kennel owner, because accidents sadly do happen.

I don't agree that the dog who did should necessarily be labeled dangerous. He may be, but the problem was that your dog was not properly contained. Dog aggressive dogs, dogs under-socialized to or triggered by smaller dogs, and dogs with barrier issues have a right to live. This dog's owner may be clueless as to what happened, or if the owner does know s/he may be living in fear of the potential charges because her/his dog was just as mismanaged as your sister's.

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Wow..im sorry but in my mind this is the kennels responsibility..i dont think.that the dog needs to be labled.dangerous as we have no idea what happened..

So if you think of it like dropping ypur toddler "sally" off at a daycare and say well sally tends to wander towards the road..if something happened to sally on the road you would surly blame the daycare not the toddler!

the kennel owner needs to come clean about the situation and be responsible.for any damages..yes if i were them i would feel absolutly horrible...maybe.if they took responsibility your family wouldnt feel it neccessary to sue..

And i feel it was negligent to take on an escape artist and.then not be extra viligant about keeping an eye on.him...freak accidents do happen.for sure but most accidents are in fact preventable..so.sorry

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I would suggest getting an official autopsy of the dog and calling the police or whatever the reporting authority is for animal cruelty in that state ASAP.

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All I can say is call a lawyer and ask for their advice. Every state has different laws regarding issues like this. If anything, maybe try to gather as much evidence and facts as you can. Document everything you find and consult with a lawyer.