Please support Lily's law...

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Vinny - Therapy Dog

If U can't- destroy it then- get help
Barked: Sat Jun 22, '13 9:32pm PST 
Lily's law just failed to pass
please be aware of the importance of this bill and support Lily and her family at:


Beauty and the- Beast
Barked: Thu Jun 27, '13 7:31am PST 
Signed. Lily looked to be such a gentle dog. Hopefully something comes good out of it.

When the night- closes in I will- be there
Barked: Thu Jun 27, '13 10:51am PST 
Just wanted to add that I hope Vinny is recovering well.

His story and Lily's are just sad.

Vinny - Therapy Dog

If U can't- destroy it then- get help
Barked: Fri Jun 28, '13 4:15pm PST 
Good afternoon all,
First I would like to apologize for our lack of communication... Since Vinny's surgery to have the bullet removed we have all been focusing on his care as well as getting a bit of rest.
Vinny pulled out his tubes but thanks to my daughter Val's efforts we are keeping it very clean and it is still draining well.
Vinny still has a long road to travel until he is back up and running but as long as we can keep the infection away, we are looking forward to many more happy years with our boy.
We want to thank everyone for their support and for your kind thoughts and well wishes in this difficult time.