irresponsible neighbor and dog

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I have just about had it with one of the neighbors and her dog. We just moved in 5 months ago all the neighbors and great and nice except one. I'm not going to say her real name so I will just say Becky. Becky has a dog older pretty sweet most of the time but will
occasionally get into little fights with other dogs. Both of my small dogs DO NOT LIKE the dog and when they have met get into little scuffles. My dogs are good with most dogs, I will tell you why they don't like this dog. The lady is not with it in the head(bad alcoholic) and constantly let's her dog go in to our front yard not holding the leash just letting the dog explore even goes up to our backyard fence while she stands far away from the dog. My dogs are going to be reactive to any dog or person that comes up to the backyard fence that is their yard and they feel the need to protect it. It doesn't mean my dogs are aggressive or terrible with dogs and people cause they are not heck anyone who comes to visit in the house will probably be licked to death before even being barked at! At first I was really nice if the dog came up and my dogs were going crazy I would call them over and bring them inside, but now I don't she also seems to come into our yard the most out of all the neighbors. Normally if I let the dogs go crazy she will get her dog more quickly and head home. I have three dogs here two are my own and one is a foster. I find this to be an odd situation and need advice. I have never been mean to the lady but I am getting fed up. There have been times before were
I am going for a walk with the dogs and the dog has been in the garage as I head out and it surprises my dog And of course they get defensive and then the other dog does, then normally Becky will rush over even though she is standing twenty or more feet from her dog.

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If the dog is routinely off-leash and routinely leaving its owner's property, then you have a good reason to call Animal Control and report it. You can do so anonymously. Sometimes a fine is what it takes to get someone to wake up.
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Not sure from your message if you have ever spoken to the lady about this. If you have, nevermind...but if not you could try telling her (calmly) that your dogs have an issue with hers that close to the fence, and ask if she can prevent that from happening. If her dog is in her yard...(also not sure here) and it runs up against your yard? Not much you can do.

edited to add. I see she is letting the dogs on to your property...if you have spoken to her and been ignored, go ahead and call it in.

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