Dog shot by neighbor. Can I sue if so how to go about the process?

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Well the dude that shot my dog is now getting arrested. The warrant has been issued by the judge. This is what happened. My dog, kratos, along with our 3 other dogs ended up getting out from the backyard. One witness states that she saw the dogs running around chasing each other, not bothering anyone. She also states that she was able to pet Kratos. She says that she saw no aggresion from him. Now there was another who saw the whole thing. He also said that the dogs were chasing each other and not bothering nobody. He said that he saw Kratos and Kratos just looked at him and gave him a muffled bark and went on chasing the other dogs. He is a vet tech and he also stats that he saw no aggression from Kratos. Now there were two kids in the field in our neighborhood playing football. My dog really love to chase balls. Even when I walk him and he sees a ball he always tries to go for it. So now he is loose and running towards two kids. My dog is 120 lbs and is a Presa Canario so I expect them to be scared. The kid went home to get his dad. Now his dad came outside with a dog toy in his hand, to get the attention of Kratos. He claims that my dog jumped up and bit him. Now the witness went inside is house at that time but came back outside and saw the man with a gun. So he went chasing after the man to tell him not to shoot my dog, that my dog has not harm anybody. The man with the gun showed him his arm and shouted in rage that my dog had bit him. The witness saw nothing but alot of slobber a hole in his shirt, not ripped. Im pretty sure that if my dog was got a hold of his shirt aggressively is will be ripped big time and he wouldve got a hold of his arms. So that just shows me that Kratos was going for the toy and that it was a bite and release vs a aggressively bite where he wouldve held his shirt and shook his head to try to tear his arm off. Now back to the story, He told the man that he is ok and not injured and that the dog didnt bite him and all that is on his shirt is slobber and that's what mastiffs do. He wouldn't listen and still repeatedly said that my dog bit him. So the man continued down to the field where my dog was at. The witness say my dog was running away to chase the other dog but he heard the man running towards him so my dog turned around. When he did the man ended up shooting him in the face. Kratos dropped to the ground and the man was about to shoot a second time but Kratos got up like a G and ran back up to the house in the backyard. Now the other witness went to our backyard to check on Kratos but he was now laying by the garage. So her daughter ended up staying with Kratos the whole time till the police and animal patrol showed up. Kratos layed his head on her lap the whole time and still showed no aggression. Im pretty sure if my dog was aggressive he wouldn't allow a girl near him after being shot at and in pain. This man had no reason to shoot my dog, he didn't harm anybody or showed no aggression. I hope this man ends up getting shot in his face and that he suffers and dies. Kratos was my first dog. I treated him and looked at him as my family, as blood, as my son. Thanks for reading, I needed to vent.

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How on earth did your dogs get out? And for that long unattended??

Any number of things could have happened to them during that time, and unfortunately with the dogs running at large like that it's going to be a he said she said situation.

Please make sure they NEVER get out like that again, it's so so dangerous for them.

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Oh my god..im so.sorry this happened...my sympathies...


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I remember the original thread...so Imma just silenced