Innocent Chained Pit Bull shot & killed in own yard by the police

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 7:55am PST 

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 9:54am PST 
I'm totally behind you Sabi. You articulated just what I had been thinking.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 12:01pm PST 
By refusing to allow them to go unnoticed. By relentlessly hounding politicians and agencies. With my very own money, blood, sweat and tears. By opening my home to those dogs that need. By never, ever giving up or giving in, no matter what the cost. I have sacrificed everything up to and including my own emotional and financial well being to ensure that the BYBs and puppy millers in this area know my name and know that I will stop at nothing to shut them down.
I can't accomplish that by crying about unfair treatment when things go wrong. That's just more bad press and more sympathy for undeserving owners.


Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 12:19pm PST 
Well it's awesome that you do that. But that isn't gonna stop all the bybing, you aren't gonna find the name of the person who isn't a breeder, but just breeds their dog cause "they think it will be a great mom". I do think that what you do is wonderful and i wish you the best of luck.But i can't call a politician and say, this person shouldn't own this breed of dog because they do not know how to handle it, or because they want if as a status symbol. But i can and do, do those things when i hear about BSL.

All i can do is try to educate people who i know are interested in the breed. When i work at the shelter i give them REAL information about apbts not that they are all snuggly bunnies who never do any harm. But the fact that they aren't the breed for anyone, that they are prone to animal aggression, that a lot of work and time is put into them, that it may be hard to get insurance or find a place to rent if you own one.

I've fostered pit bull mutts and found them new homes. I've also had the misfortune of putting a lot of unwanted pit bulls down, i made sure those dogs last days were the best.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 2:02pm PST 
Someone mentioned if the police dog was well trained they could of called her off of what she was attacking. They could have, but what about the pit bull that had a hold of the shepherd? Most pits once in a fight, weather they started it or not will not willingly retreat or easily let go once they have a hold of whatever they are attacking. It even says they could not get the pit off of the canine officer.

Years ago our pug was attacked by a friends pit bull. The pit grabbed him by the neck and shook him like a rag doll. Four or more men tried to pull him off of our pug, and he wouldn't let go. His owners tried calling him off, he wouldn't let go. My dad started punching him in the ribs while my uncle tried to pull the dog off and he wouldn't let go. THEN my uncle began kicking him in the head with steel toed boots and he still would NOT let go. They had to shove a water hose down his throat and turn it on to get him off. Not the best way to handle the situation, but everyone panicked and did what they had to do to save the pug. The pit bull was FINE afterwards.

Even if the officers called the shepherd off, some of you should consider that it is possible pit was not letting the canine officer get away. Pits don't have any quit in them, which can be the best thing about them, but it can also be the thing that gets them in trouble and even blamed in certain situations. Sure some of you may have pits that are so well trained you could call you can call them off a fight in a second, but most people don't. I own a dog who is half pit so don't think I'm hating or bashing on pit bulls. I love the breeds.

Out on walks a GSD has tried to attack Chewy before. A GSD mix at the park also tried starting a fight, and another GSD tried to attack my cousin while he was out. I don't hold anything against the breed either. I've had more bad experiences with GSDs that pits. I still love the breed.

I also don't really agree with what some have said that if a it had been another breed it would have went down differently. Maybe it could have, because if a Golden Retriever got into a fight with the canine officer, they could have gotten the Golden Retriever off a lot quicker. But if they couldn't the Golden Retriever probably would have gotten shot too.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 2:10pm PST 
O.k people, this is all in all a horrible situation! I think everybody knows this.

Nobody here is going to be on the same page, and I hate arguing with you guys because I really respect you and love this site.......I need to voice my opinion and then I am done. This dog should not have been shot. PERIOD!!!! But it happened and it can't be changed. I will stand by what I said about there should have been another way to fix this.....shoot your gun in the air to scare the dogs or whatever
do something anything!!!!!!! And I dont know what people are saying because the dog was outside on a chain that he is a bad dog and a loser owner........I have no fence and when my dogs go out, they go out on a lead.......am I a loser dog owner because they are tied up???? I only leave them out while I am out with them mind you.....but how do we know that this was the situation?????
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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 3:45pm PST 
Mika... Have you ever tried to break up a fight between two really strong DA prone breeds? I have, and shooting a gun into the air sometimes(most often) won't help. Once in that fight, in many cases, they won't back down until they KILL the other dog. I've tried to break up fights involving a Bull Mastiff that was severely SSA. Once she went for the attack, it could be IMPOSSIBLE to get her to stop short of DRAGGING HER OFF the other dog and prying her jaws open.

Yes, it's a sad situation. But it's also one we don't have the full details on. Were the police in the wrong? Was the owner in the wrong? Hard call when NONE OF US WAS THERE and NOBODY has full details on the situation. I too, have to tie my dogs outside when they go out, however, they are also NEVER EVER left unsupervised while out there. I'm not going to go accusing the police or the owner in this situation of being at fault, because I don't have enough details to feel I have the right to make that call.

I'm with Sabi on this one.

It's sad that this situation came about at all.

Tall,Dark, and,- Handsome
Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 3:51pm PST 
I agree that it could have been handled differently and the pit did not need to die. I think it's very sad that he was killed but in the heat of the moment I can't really blame the officer. Maybe he could have given the owner more time to restrain his dog, but the dog was on top of his partner.

I read the posts before I read the article, but I must have missed Baby's post about the canine officer = police officer.

I thought they were unable to get the pit off of the German Shepherd. I now realize he was on top of the police officer when he was shot. Was he on top of the cop while still fighting the GSD, or was he just on top of the officer? It didn't say anything about the dog outright attacking him.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 8:37pm PST 
Don't leave your dog outside unattended. Absolute mantra for me, but some people can't, won't or don't and what can you do? When you are not by your dog's side, you cannot be his guardian. He really becomes more of a community subject. I am not talking legally, of course, but of how things can play/ If kids taunt him and he snaps, if a service person forgot to shut the gate and now he's gone, if he gets in a dog fight it is the dog owner's word versus....well, no one, because you were not there.

I just don't go there, ever. It's just one of my stickler owner things that I understand not everyone does and it's not like I judge, but when I hear these outcomes it only affirms my stance. Do not leave your dog unattended.
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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 9:32pm PST 
okay so i finally foud the time to watch the video of this. And i still don't see how this is the dog in it's own back yard pittie or not's fault. Nor do i think the owners of this dog are losers who left the dog unnecessarily unattended.

The yard had signs everywhere. and it seems like the cops didn't reguard the signs. They weren't chasing anyone. They were on a scent yes but didn't see anybody/ At least according to the video. So why couldnt' they have just taken 3 seconds to knock on the door and see if someone was home? the people were apparently in the garage and the cops shouted at them to restrain the dog.

I get that heat of the moment things happen. I do. and it's really sad that this dog had to die in it's own yard by tresspassers. Is it fair no. But it's already done and over with.

I guess you coudl say don't leave the dog unattended in the yard. But even if they had been back there. There's no saying any of this wouldn't have happened. I just feel sorry for that poor woman. If that had been me and one of my dogs i'd probably be in the hospital from a nervous break down and then taking legal action. I can't imagine something like this happening to one of my furkids.

We can't even judge how long the dog was unattended in the yard for. Or if chaining was even the reason the dog had to be killed.

The cops entered that backyard obviously ignoring beware of dog signs.

That's the same as walking into a fireworks factory with signs that clearly say "FIREWORKS INSIDE DO NOT SMOKE or NO LIVE FLAMES" and smoking a cig. You blow yourself up and get hurt you can't really blame the factory.

But then again it's going to the words of those officers against the words of people who were just out of sight. So i guess in the end it's boo on them for not micromanaging there dog. But i still think the cops were wrong.

I also think the police were wrong in the cases Sabi mentioned above. But i don't live anywhere near that provence so does it really matter what i think? Probably not.
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