Innocent Chained Pit Bull shot & killed in own yard by the police

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 7:46pm PST 
The cop SAID his dog was 100lbs,
I am not trying to slam GSD's I absolutely ADORE & ADMIRE GSD's I don't know where you got that from my post.
There was a sign posted on the mans fence, it says so in the video.
The dog did NOT turn on the human, the dog knocked a human off who was trying to get ahold of him, a human falling on the ground barely constitutes "turning" on a human. That hardly makes him a bad dog, he was in a fight, what do you expect? He did not turn around and REDIRECT which would be TURNING on a human, If he actively bit and attacked the human but he did not. I'm sure if they tried to get a hold of their GSD they would have been knocked down too.
This is a quote from another news site : "The two dogs started fighting. An officer tried to intervene, but he was knocked to the ground by the pit bull, said Staff Sgt. Evan Bray."That DOES NOT MAKE HIM A BAD DOG.

I find it sad how much leeway the police get. This dog didn't need to die. And no i would not be singing a different tune i do not care who they were after.I'm not going to get into my opinion of most police though.

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 7:53pm PST 
Geez my one dog must be the devil, because she's knocked me down more than once when she was in fight mode(before i knew how to properly break up a dog fight) geez my loving lady who is a whore for any human she ever met. A dog who was in a school play with a bunch of highschool students, a dog who has been around and loved many small children,THE MOST GENTLE dog i have ever met, she'll take a piece of chicken with the very front of her teeth careful not to hurt your hand a dog who has never raised a lip at a human even when she was in severe pain she must be such a BAD DOG because she knocked me down when she was fighting...

(btw she hasn't gotten in a fight in many years, her and the other dog are now on a crate and rotate system)

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 9:12pm PST 
I read several different articles to get more information before I posted here and I'm sorry but I think the police were very wrong in this situation.

First of all, I do not agree with any dog being chained up so if the owner left this dog tied out often or all the time then the owner was wrong to do so. But I could not find confirmation of that. What I did find out was the owner was outside at the time of the incident so there's no proof that the dog was chained up all the time. The owner was in the driveway working on a vehicle about 30ft away from the dog while he was chained up that night.

Secondly, there was a fence and warning signs were posted in several places around the fence. I don't think that means police officers should give up the chase just because a suspect runs through a fenced yard with warning signs but maybe they could go around that one yard. It might slow them down a little but the dog fight and everything resulting from it stopped them from continuing their pursuit of the suspect entirely so it just makes more sense to me for them to go around and pick up the chase on the other side. And if the suspect were hiding in that yard, surround the yard and do whatever they needed to do at that point.

But the most important point to me was that the owner and a friend were outside and the owner's friend had just reached the chain to begin to restrain the pit bull when the officer shot the dog. There was no need to shoot the dog without giving the owner a few seconds to try to get his dog away from the police dog. Neither the police dog nor either of the officers was injured at all during the fight so it wasn't a dire situation.

Ultimately, people make mistakes. I think the police officer that shot this dog made a huge mistake. But in the heat of the moment I can see how the officer may have acted out of fear. But they should acknowledge their mistake. Neither the police department nor the officer that shot the dog has even given the owner a simple apology. I don't understand why that's such a difficult thing to expect.


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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 9:39pm PST 
His GSD, was probably bigger and meaner than the APBT.

Comments like that do make it sound like you're judging the German Shepherd to be the aggressor based on breed.

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 10:51pm PST 
The canine officer attempted to break up the dogs, but ended up being taken to the ground by the pit bull. Another officer tried to get the pit bull off the canine officer. Unable to do so, the officer fired one shot at the pit bull, killing it.

That is the article you posted. The second officer tried to get the dog off the canine officer and was unable to do so. That is not knocking someone down that is an attack. And if the owner was 'just out in his driveway' what took him so long?
For those of you who don't know a dog on a track is not chasing someone, they are following a scent trail. It isn't really something you can just reroute as you please.
And as a GSD person I deeply resent, and take very personally,your comments about this noble breed. You are correct in saying had it been a different breed the reaction would have been different. All the PB defenders would have just shrugged that off. Why is it only when PBs are involved that anyone cares? It's ok when a lab or a collie or a GSD get shot, but shot a pitbull and all hell breaks loose. You want to do the breed a favor? Stop stupid people from getting them because they wouldn't have such a horrid public image if 95% of them weren't owned by losers.
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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 11:01pm PST 
Not to be critical of either party but has anyone considered this probably happened in a matter of moments. I'm sure the officers just paniced.

But i'm a little confused again didn't read the article. but if the officer was trying to retrain the pittie then how did the dog get on top of him?

Again i'm just wondering/ speculating.

What's done is done regardless of it is was a mistake. Though i wonder if the dog had been off a chain if it would have been different? probably not. I've had jake go after dogs that come into my grandfather's yard when he's over there and off leash. And he's not even an aggressive breed of dog. He just likes to protect his turf. Even if the dog was bigger. I think i had talked here that when he was still freshly neutered he went after my cousins bullmastif/pit cross when they brought him over unexpectiedly. They're fast friends now. But htat first initial time wihtout a proper introduction and jake was free in the yard things got nasty.

It's just a bad situation all around. But if the signs were out there. The cops could have taken a moment to make sure there dog was going to walk into a yard apparently with a dog inside of it. Since if the dog hasn't been chained then they would have had a bigger problem in my opinion. Even if the dog in the yard had been somethign else. Or if it had been more then one dog.

But again i don't know the protocol for police entering yards after a suspect. It's unfortunate that the man's dog died in it's own yard that it may have been protecting from danger or it may have been aggressive.

I just hope people learn from this. Though i'm not sure what can really be learned since the guy was out in his yard doing something with the dog chained up out there too. I mean i don't know if it would ahve been safer to let the dog rummage around off leash since being chained is so bad. I mean i type jake up on a rope when we're outside in the yard together. Since i din't have a fenced in property do to me being a renter and on a shared lot with people coming and going often.

But idk.. the event is sad but it is over.

** edit**

I also don't think it's appropriate to call pit bull owners losers. I know plenty of good people who own pitties and they're not bad at all. The breed is just doing it's time in the bad dog headlines.

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 11:05pm PST 
Rada, a five-year-old Belgian Shepherd, was sitting by Osmolin’s side Sunday afternoon as Osmolin and his friend monitored their fishing lines on Black Water Lake, just outside Pemberton. After several hours of ice fishing, they were getting ready to call it a day. At some point, Osmolin said Rada, whom he’s had since she was 2 ½ weeks old, left his side by the ice hole. He can remember hearing Rada barking, turning to see what was going on, and watching, horrified, as a conservation officer, gun in hand, opened fire.

Read more: http://www.theprovince.com/news/watches+horror+conservation+officer+ shoots+death/7934846/story.html#ixzz2PBlVw0e2

Personally I find this just as disturbing. Maybe more so. Yet this story provoked no public outrage.

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Barked: Sun Mar 31, '13 11:24pm PST 
Individual department records show since 2010, dogs were shot 25 times in Atlanta, 32 times in DeKalb county, 19 times in Gwinnett County, 10 times in Clayton County and eight times in Cobb County, including the most recent shooting this past September.
"I had to watch him bleed to death and gasp for air and they just stood there looking at me like I was stupid," a Cobb County man said.

Cobb County officers responding to an alarm call shot and killed Luke, a chocolate lab when he ran out of the home barking.

This one was fairly recent as well, no public outcry?

I don't WANT the police shooting any dog, but I also do not want to put them at more risk. We all want the police to protect us but we whine when they try. In this Regina case, I think they did the best they could.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 6:54am PST 
I only used the words bigger and meaner because i was replying to someone who used those words to describe the APBT, the GSD was in fact bigger, and Meaner? Well if it's a working bred GSD he should have more mean-ness than the average APBT(not saying it's outright aggressive). You guys are taking this the wrong way. Seriously i love GSD's.I wasn't saying he was the one that started the fight but it's possible..Sorry to offend you or make it seem like i was saying the GSD was more aggressive, APBT's as a whole are more dog aggressive than GSD's as a whole. GSD's have more HA tendencies ( i feel as though a well bred GSD should not be out right HA, but be more weary of strangers)than APBT's as a whole.
YOU SAID the dog turned on the human which it did not, it knocked someone down,and continued fighting,we all know it was in a fight with another dog, What's your point? I still fail to see how that makes him a bad dog.Both dogs were fighting, so wouldn't that make them both bad dogs?
I would be upset if this happened to ANY DOG,it's not that no one cares when a collie or GSD gets shot. You and I both know when a pit bull is in the news it's made more public than when a Collie is in the news. I would be upset if this happened to ANY DOG.Don't tell me i would have just shrugged it off because you don't know me. But how am i suppose to express that i am upset about something i do not know about?

How am i suppose to stop people from getting dogs, i try to educate people as much as i can, but i can't prevent anyone from getting a breed of dog. GSD's are almost in the same boat as APBT's they've been banned in places, they are known by uneducated people as being aggressive. GSD's being so popular there are back yard breeders all over the place producing terrible quality unstable GSD's loaded with health problems, why don't you do your breed a favor and stop the bybs? Because it's just SOOO easy to do.

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Barked: Mon Apr 1, '13 7:23am PST 
why don't you do your breed a favor and stop the bybs

I do.
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