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Barked: Mon Mar 11, '13 3:12pm PST 
Having done investigations for a humane society for many years I totally understand the dog house in a kennel situation. EVERYONE told us their dog didn't "live" in that kennel or was only in it for a few minutes, etc. Yeah, right, don't think so!!! Most of those dogs were in those kennels for hours and hours, day after day, all you had to do was look at the worn down grass and the hundreds of poops.
With just one or two visits there is no way to tell if you're lying or not about how much time your dog spends in their kennel.
For that matter, we even have a dog house in our daycare pens just for those reasons!!! And, those dogs are never left in there past closing at 5PM.
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Barked: Mon Mar 11, '13 10:37pm PST 
blue- That's a sucky situation. Hope you can get it resolved.

Toto- I know it's true some people lie about that type of thing and i kinda wish i was. But i havne't tried custom made dog house. So i'm going to build my guys a dog house that i hope they'll use. Since the store made Igloo thing and awesome looking log cabins didn't work for jake when we lived in Pasadena. I've come home to find him soaking wet and crying in the rain to be let inside instea dof in the dog houses. That's why when i moved to my new place i made sure the kennel was covered by a roof so if it rained he's at least be covered. Though he's never out there if there's even a hint of rain in the air cuz then i'd have a very legedimate barking dog complaint because jake hates water.

But the whole ordeal is over. My dogs both now have valid city licenses. I've spoken to the officer in question. Though i still find it dumb he dared to write me up for no food, water or shelter for the kennel when there's no dog in it. That was just stupid. I mean i can't think of a good reason to leave kibble or in my case raw meat hanging around in my dogs kennel with a sitting bowl of water for no reason. But whatever.

Thanks for all your suggestions and support thorugh this.

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Oh that's really one sucky situation. It's amazing how they really respond so slowly when people really need their help and they are quick to arrive in false alarms such as this. People are weird. I just hope they stop pestering you and start going after the people they should going after.

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