Is there anything i can do? Prong collars for basic obedience

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Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Sat Jun 1, '13 11:39pm PST 
As prong collars have no laws surrounding them and their use I'm not sure what you can do. They are definitely misusing the tool and what is happening to these poor dogs is wrong ... Perhaps you can ring AC and talk to them about it. As horrible as it is, I don't know if they would consider it abuse though. I hate it when people use prongs like this. frown

Barked: Mon Jun 3, '13 3:57am PST 
The use of prong collars should be governed by whatever animal cruelty laws your state has. Those laws are generally applicable, meaning that any behavior that violates them will be illegal even if the specific act at issue (i.e. choking a dog out with a prong collar) is not mentioned.

For instance, in my state (Illinois), this would probably be a violation of 510 ILCS 70/3.01 Cruel Treatment (Class A misdemeanor).

Link to Illinois Animal Cruelty laws, for reference:
http://www.animallaw.info/statutes/stusil510ilcs70_1_16. htm
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