Stolen dog returned now someone is knocking at my door

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 12:26pm PST 
It's not the same as adoptig from a shelter because there is a legal proceeding there, a shelter dog
Is generally given a certain holding period and if no owner comes forward they legally belong to the shelter.

I wanted to add, vets do sometimes give out owner info. Ive had it happen several times when I found a stray dog wearing a rabies tag or city license tag. When I found my terrier he had a rabies tag, I called the number on the tag which in my area goes to animal control. They gave me the number of the vet who did the rabies shot. I called that vet and told them I found the dog, they told me when the dog was vaccinated which was nearly a year ago, that he had only been there once, that his name was listed as "Pooch" (which he did not recognize his name) and gave me the owner's contact info. The number turned out to be disconnected though, and a neighbor of mine (who was a police detective and also rescued) tried to get more info, she visited the address but no one at the apartment building knew them and they had no forwarding address.
I have also found a dog wearing a tag from a rescue group and they gave me the owner's address, which turned out to be a few blocks away so I just took the dog back.
I've rarely found a dog wearing an actual ID tag that had the owner's contact info, more often just a rabies tag or a collar with no tags, or nothing.
Except one case I've never found a dog with a microchip, and if they don't have ID I always had them scanned. The one case was my Golden and that was a strange situation because we think the chip was either broken or not activated, since it was missed by at least two scanners and only seen on X-rays 10 years later...
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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 1:12pm PST 
I'm iffy in how I feel about this.

On the one hand, if it had been here, legally, by not being properly contained and not having proper supervision, the dog WOULD in fact be considered 'at large' regardless of being on the persons property because wandering CAN happen. Especially in a dog that is not contained and is without supervision. What I'm wondering is why, even in a rural area, a dog is left UNSUPERVISED in an unfenced yard. That's negligent to me, regardless of OP's love for the dog and efforts to find said dog.

I also agree that while dogs CAN slip their collars, I can't say I wouldn't question whether or not my dog was stolen if I saw a collar lying in the middle of the yard. But I also fit my collars snugly enough that they're comfortable, but not able to be slipped off either(for safety reasons when out with my dogs and because Charlie HAS escaped my yard before).

Numerous times, my ID tag with Charlie's name and my phone number have gotten him back home to me(before I learned HOW he was such a Houdini when I first got him), never has his chip gotten him back to me(although NOBODY in the three times he did escape, ever took him to the Vet at all!) - granted, that may be because he has an ID tag with my phone number just in case.

I AM inclined to be suspicious of this person showing up after they get their dog back, demanding money or dog. Vets HAVE given out personal information before - particularly when someone says "I've found a dog, and I want to find out his owners contact info." Should they? Absolutely not. A lost/found dog should be TURNED INTO THE SHELTER, OR A VET OFFICE and left there for the owner to find and your info left to be updated on the animal(if you want to be). Sure, they claim they only had the dog one year out of the two she was gone, but if they had scanned the chip and KNEW there was an owner, why weren't further efforts made to contact them? And WHAT was the $600 of Vet care for? I'd be inclined to want PROOF OF CARE GIVEN by the Vet. Yes, I understand wanting to be reimbursed for money spent on the dog - but that was also a choice that they made KNOWING it was a lost dog with owners. Clearly, they did not leave the dog anywhere to be found by her owners, nor did they make much effort in my opinion. These are all CLAIMS thus far. We have one story to go on and that's OP's, so I'm inclined to side with OP on this.

It's OP's dog, regardless of how long the other person cared for it - the dog was STILL in OP's name and OP DID search for their dog. If I were in this situation, I'd try to come up with a peaceful resolution to everything, but I certainly WOULD NOT give my dog back to them. I'd laugh at anyone that tried to claim MY dog was theirs, just because they had it for a year and didn't keep trying to contact me - ESPECIALLY if I had been searching for my dog to begin with!

If a peaceful resolution could not be made, damn rights I'd get a lawyer and keep track of all information, and contacts being made by these people. OP has proof of ownership... Does the other person have PROOF of Veterinary care and costs? I would want to SEE receipts, I'd want to see any and all information as proof before I stopped being suspicious of these claims.

So, while I hope OP has learned their lesson on negligence and leaving dogs unattended, I also hope that they come to a peaceful resolution with these people and am glad they got their beloved dog back.

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 1:31pm PST 
I called the company that has the chip information. There records show that no one had contacted them or asked them to contact me until March 2 3013 and the person who called was a Vet tech that had a lady there that wanted to change ownership information on my dog. The same tech called me the same day and told me she had my dog and a good Sam brought her in. I am so confused about whats going on here.
The people at the office told me they could not give out any information to anyone.
The chip company is sending me a hard copy of all inquires as well as proof of ownership registration.
My next step is to go to the Vst office and ask what is really going on. I have arranged for an officer to go with me.
By the way all my information was correct at the chip company.


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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 1:37pm PST 
I live in the country and when we found a lost dog with a Vet tattoo in her ear, we phoned up the Vet and they gave us the owners name and phone no. Our Vet puts a tattoo in their ear when they spay or neuter them. I really do not see anything wrong with that as we have no Shelter or anywhere in our area to turn a dog into.
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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 2:53pm PST 
I'm not sure if all vets will just accept a dog if you bring a dog in and ask them to take it. I mean, some vets will take in strays but it's not a given that they'll do it. They're not a shelter. Although actually around here the shelters won't necessarily take in any dog either. They're not all "open admission".
I once found a dog in a nearby suburb, and I called the city animal shelter for that suburb to see if they could take him since I figured if someone was looking for him they might look there, since I found him in the area near the shelter so I thought he might be from that area. He had no ID tags or microchip. The shelter said they couldn't take him because they only accepted dogs from people who were residents of that suburb.

Technically if you find a dog here in Chicago I think you are supposed to take them to Chicago Animal Control. That is where all stray dogs end up that are turned in, it is the holding facility for impounded and stray animals. Unfortunately Animal Control is way down on the south side of the city(opposite end of the city from where I live, and the "bad part" of Chicago), and a lot of people don't like to go there. It's not popular and a lot of animals do not get adopted or reunited with their owners after they end up there. The euthanasia rate has been going down lately but it is still quite high. The downtown shelter Anti Cruelty Society used to also accept strays but a few years ago they changed their policy, and now they ship all strays down to Animal Control, and they only accept owner surrenders. So strays here in the city don't have a lot going for them, unless they are lucky and get pulled from Animal Control by one of the rescue groups when their stray hold is up.

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 3:47pm PST 
Good luck, Guest. I really do hope it works out for you and Cassie. It definitely raises a red flag that the microchip company said that. More and more I think this lady is suspicious and you don't owe her a thing.

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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 5:09pm PST 
Nare has never slipped his collar.. It is on the loosest setting and I can fit both of my fists in it and still have wiggle room. (I have it loose because if its too tight then his fur matts up and gets all icky. Rolled leather collars do not help)
I could say that I honestly believe if I found Nare's collar laying on the ground, that he must've been stolen. But hes never outside unsupervised anyways.. And he wouldn't go without a fight, either..
And I'm sure a lot of dogs cost less than $600.. If Nare didn't take so many classes and need vaccinations, I could get by only paying $30 a month for food (raw, at that!). Someone who feeds cheap stuff could probably get by at $20. Honestly a lot of money we put into our dog's is 'luxuries'. I don't believe in vaccinations beyond 1 year old and can trim his nails, brush him, check his teeth, etc.. The only time he would really have to go in is if he were sick or something happened. But out of either trying to be a good pet parent or being paranoid, we take our dogs in every 6 months.

My cats haven't been to the vets in close to 4 years. They just never needed to.

I hope you get to keep Cassie. I'm glad you're fighting for her.
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Barked: Tue Mar 5, '13 7:14pm PST 
I would still call a lawyer. Your dog was chipped with current information. So, I smell a rat.

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Barked: Wed Mar 6, '13 2:17pm PST 
I agree Kali. This person knew the dog was chipped, and it sounds like she actually tried to get the info changed without trying to contact the owners first, as it was the vet tech who gave the OP the heads up. That's not cool. I also agree that it sounds like the dog had been stolen, though it may not have been the person who last had him who did so.
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