Landlord Advice for adding a second dog to lease

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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 5:15pm PST 

So i live in amazingly affordable pet friendly housing. My lease does not specify how many cats or dogs I can have living at my unit. It only states that I have to pay $XXX deposit per animal. When i moved in I paid $XXX for jake to live with me. Now i'm looking to add a second dog to my family to make us a pack of three. Before I start to seriously even look at a dog to adopt I need to have my landlords permission to have another pet. Since my lease does not state the maximum number of animals i'm allowed to have I do kind of have a right to send him another check for $XXX and a letter asking to add another dog to my unit right? or am i over simplfying it and have no right to a second dog at all?

What do you think? Do i have the legal right to ask for another dog since there's no max in my lease or not?

Jake's Mom.

** i hope this fits into this forms criteria since i didn't know where else to ask it. "m sorry if it's in the wrong place.

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I'm not a lawyer but I would think the landlord could still say no because they don't have to accept the deposit for the second dog. If I were you I would talk to your landlord first to make sure there wouldn't be any issues. It's always better to stay on good terms with your landlord.
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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 11:40pm PST 
Thanks for your reply.

I was planning on speaking to him before getting any other animal. I was just wondering if i have the grounds to even ask since my lease didn't specify only one dog. He's a pretty chill guy I'm sure as long as i have the deposit he won't mind but who knows right? shrug

Thanks for your input. It's appreciated.

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Speak to him first. Seriously.

I am a landlord. I'm pretty tolerant, but I hate surprises.

Your lease doesn't specify a number of animals you're allowed, but you signed the lease and moved in with one dog. Don't surprise your landlord, and don't treat him as if he has no say over what happens with his property. You might be legally in the right, but you might need his goodwill later, with regard to the dogs or with regard to something else.

Don't surprise him, and don't treat him like a vending machine. (Put in pet deposit money, out pops signed permission you can take to the shelter or rescue.)
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Many leases don't say a lot of things because it's simply impossible to cover all spectrums of possibilities when it comes to rent. So, definitely ask first. It may be a bit nerve racking knowing they may still say no, but it's the best thing to do.
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Thanks for your respones.

I was going to talk to him before doing anything. I was just wondering if i had the right to ask. Since everywhere else I've ever rented had a maximum # of dogs that could be owned on the property. The last place i had had a limit of 1 so that's why jake couldn't have a friend then.

This new place doesn't have a max number so I wasn't sure if i had the right to ask him to add another animal or not. That's all i was asking. I always planned on speaking to him before doing anything anyway since it is his property.

My parents are landlords and they were a little miffed when there tenant bought a dog but didnt' tell him but then again my parents never said they couldn't have a dog on premises. shrug

Anyway wish me luck and hopefully he'll say yes. If not it's okay. I'm happy with just jake.

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I probably wouldn't be going over the county limit for them, but just think about if you ever move, there are a ton of places with a limit 1, that's the problem we have right now, we want to move but the places around don't want to offer affordable housing for a married childless couple with 2 chihuahuas.
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Aw Foxxy I'm sorry to hear about that. Thankfully for me at the time I moved in here Jake was a ESA so I really couldn't get denied for him to live with me. he is a washed PSDiT due to degernation of his vision. I'm planning on my next move being to a university that allows pets. All the schools I've decided to apply to for Gradute school allow up to 2 animals to live in student housing. And if i don't get into any of those then it's time to buy a house (lol). And thankfully I do have money to put down if I should find the right place and a good job. big grin But I will keep the 1 limit rule in mind. Though everywhere I've lived that was a corporate run place the limit was usually 1 with a weight limit or two.

A little off topic: You could try looking for a pet friendly city. Where I live now dogs can go just about anywhere but into food establishments (unless a service dog). I mean Jake and I made a habit of eating breakfast at a local crepe shop becuase they leave dog bowls on there patio and offer pet owner friendly outdoor seating and what not.

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You definitely want to talk to the landlord like "Hiiii, I wanted to ask if another dog would be okay with you...", maybe emphasizing you're happy to pay extra and reassuring them that you're not getting any nightmare dogs...as a landlord you worry about property damage, noise and barking, or a tenent with a dog so nutso you can't go up to your own property...reassure them and they might be happy to work with you. Good Luckcheer
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I sent my land lord the letter asking for a second dog. Lets keep our paws cross he'll let me add a pup to my pack.