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Didn't know where else to post this. thinking

So ladies and gents, where do you get your dog tags at? I want something pretty but not super expensive. I need two. I want one heart shaped (since we got one dog for v-day) and another bone shaped. But there are so many sites I don't know where to start. dog

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Boomerang Pet Tags makes really good quality pet tags.

Here is a link to their website:

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Thank you! They have exactly what I am looking for. way to go


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I have boomarang dog tags I got the kind that goes on the collar.. I like those and so far the words have been great. Saya runs through brambles, branches, rain and stuff.

Price and free shipping is good when I ordered I got two id tags one for Bella and Saya it gave me a small discount for getting two tags.

I plan to get two more soon that way I have one for a hiking collar and one for going out places collar..

I don't know any other brands forgot what id we used for our past dogs.

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Barked: Thu Feb 21, '13 9:24am PST 
I got Paris and Nick's tags from luckypet.com and hotdogcollars.com
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Boomerang is my favorite for "utilitarian" type tags. I love the Collartags that slip on like a nameplate. I like that the size of the text is determined by how much text is on the tag so you can have a larger font if you put less. I also like that they can do writing on both sides. I have those for all my pets.
For more fun tags I like Fetching Tags, but they can't include a lot of info, or I've also bought a few on etsy.

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PupCaps are really uniquesmile
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Etsy always has some cute, unique dog tags.

I bought Kitsune a "enamel jewelry tag" from Luckypet.com (I also found the same style tags for sale on both Amazon and Ebay) and really like it. The first one we got we've had since Kitsune was a puppy, 4 years now, and it still looks awesome.

I liked it so much that I got him another one, so now he has one on his harness and one on his collar. To me they look nicer then your average dog tag. They have a handful of designs, including a heart and a bone, and each design comes in a bunch of different colors.

They have a lifetime guarantee on their tags as well, and from what I hear are good about honoring it.

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Another Boomerang fan here. Love their CollarTags especially, but the regular stainless steel tags are great too.
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If you still want some input I put a paw in for boomerangtags. I've scratched and scratched and have yet to make the print on my boomerang tag illible. Mom say's its a miracle since she used to go through the ones at the pet store about two months because we're so active and i used to itch a lot.