Dog bit dog...who's liable

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Barked: Tue Jun 19, '12 9:45am PST 
Well, at any rate, they should at least pay for half the vet costs. Hope it goes well and she agrees to pay! hug

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Whippy- The- Whipador
Barked: Tue Jun 19, '12 12:33pm PST 
Yep, you'll be lucky to get her to pay or half your vet bill really. You could report the incident to your local dog warden who at most will keep the incident logged, maybe contacting the suspect owner if this is a repeat offence.

I actually don't want the laws to change at all. I do not want our dogs freedom restricted because of a few irresponsible owners! silenced
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Barked: Tue Jun 19, '12 1:32pm PST 
Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but why so harsh on the lady? It sounds like your dog was in her dog's space and got bit. While it is ultimately up to the owner of the dog to not allow biting, it's just what some dogs will do over resources. I don't see it worthy of reporting. I see it as a lesson learned to not go near her dog when the ball is out. She has her space and you have yours. Just because her dog resource guards doesn't mean she should stop enjoying her time in her own space. It's not like the dog is running around attacking everything and unruly. It's minding its business until another dog tries to go after its ball. I really don't see any harm over it.shrug Your dog invaded her space.

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Barked: Tue Jun 19, '12 2:40pm PST 
Here, in The UK, the laws are pretty rubbish when it comes to dog-on-dog aggression.

You can report her, but since there are no leash-laws in The UK, you tend to be fighting a losing battle. I think any hope you have of getting money out of her would be if she offerend to pay for the damages, out of good-will...

Plus, can you prove that her dog caused the damage?

And unfortunately, because you're dog is not on his death bed, I doubt a lot will be done about it... It's the only downside of not having a leash-law frown

Pocket Wolf
Barked: Sun Jun 24, '12 11:57pm PST 
Around here, if you are in an area that is not designated as a leashless area, than no matter who started it, the owner of the dog that is not on lead is always responsible.

Since both of your dogs were of leash in a non-designated area, you are in a do it at your own risk scenario. If you report it, both of you are negligent for not following leash laws. It doesn't matter if "everyone does it."

Now the right thing to do would be for the person who owns the biter to help the injured party, but that's not always possible, and no court would take the case if you wanted to sue. It was just an unfortunate accident; lesson learned.
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