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Does anyone know here about the law of wearing dog tags? Is it necessary guys?

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If you mean something like rabies and/or a license/registration tag, it varies by location even down to the city level.
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Here in San Diego County dogs are supposed to be licensed and wear that license on their collars at all times.

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Yes. Where I could register my pet?

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I'm currently at Florida. Does anyone knows an online store where I can purchase dog tags and collars? Anyway, it is just necessary to have dog collars? I am sorry, i am just a newbie pet dog owner.

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Barked: Thu Jun 14, '12 6:49am PST 
No, you don't just need collars, and you can't just purchase tags online, not the legally required ones.

The details vary by location, often city to city, but one thing you need everywhere is proof of rabies vaccination. Normally, when you get your dog vaccinated for rabies, you get the rabies tag.

In addition, in most but not all areas, you need to license your dog with the town/city/county/whatever the locally relevant jurisdiction is. In some places, you can do that with your vet. In other places, you need to go to city or town hall, or the county offices, or whatever the jurisdiction is that requires your dog to be licensed.

We'd have to know exactly where you are to give you a definite answer on that.

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I have no idea about licensing requirements in your area but in mine,all dogs over the age of 12 weeks are required by law to have a collar,harness or whatever device you choose and wear both their county license,available in our area,through our local shelter,county clerk of courts,and approved vendors,and a rabies tag,available through the vet only who must actually give the vaccine. For the correct information on the laws in your area you might want to call your local shelter or AC and get the most accurate information for your area,another good place to start might be your local city council,why did you not ask these questions when you got your puppy before bringing it home? Just wondering?

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Barked: Sat Jun 16, '12 3:10pm PST 
In my city all dogs and cats over 6 months old must be registered and licensed with the city, and the license must be renewed annually.
Here, an intact, aggressive or restricted pet costs more to license. The city sends you the tag(s) in the mail and the pet must wear the tags when outside of the home.
Obviously it's not something that is rigorously enforced, but the fine here for having an unlicensed dog is $250.

Personally I consider it necessary. Here, it is breaking the law to have an unlicensed dog and the fee also covers a "free ride home" if a city officer ends up finding your lost dog.

I believe other tags are important as well. Farley also wears an ID tag with my phone number on it, a rabies tag and a microchip tag.

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You have licensing, rabies tags and name/address tags. The licensing and rabies is required by law and you can't purchase them on line. The rabies you get from the vet after vaccination. The license you get from Town Hall. The name/address tag you can get online. Hope that helps. Good Luck with your pup. smile