Am I being rude to new Neighbors?

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I am Fearless
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 12:26pm PST 
alright first of all I was not sure where to put this thread but I think it fits here. Long story short but we had neighbors move they were older and traveled alot and had no dogs so the new people that moved in have two very pretty Shelties boy and girl and one is old 13 years old and they said she is kind of deaf and blind and the other is a boy who is 7 years old. Very sweet dogs and seem to be pretty well behaved, I told them I love dogs and would watch their dogs if needed and that I can train dogs tooway to go Well we Have a beautiful back yard and I train Mozart out there a couple times a week Mozart is kept on a long 20ft or 50ft leash at all times and we do recall training whistle recall focus training agility and play with his favorite ball(bird ball) that whistles that he only gets to play with outside. So anyways they keep both of there dogs on a tie out but in their old house they had a fenced in backyard they say that their dogs hate to be on the tie outs and they are gonna get a electric dog fence. Well Mozart pays attention to be very well with clicker training outside and his favorite ball, but I think the new neighbors think that I am trying to annoy their dogs or them because sometimes when the dogs are out there I will go out there and train Mozart but the only reason I am doing it is because Mozart needs distractions like there dogs sitting out there that is gonna to teach him to pay attetion to me even when other dogs are around. Eventally their dogs do start to bark at us but Mozart is so focused on me he knows to pay attention I am so proud of himhappy dance

SO what do you guys think am I coming off as rude to the New neighbors? Cause really all I am trying to do is make Mozart a better dog/puppy by training him.
I just don't know when there dogs start barking they normally come out and get them and they see I am out there and normally will say hi but kind of look at me like REALLY do you have to be out here with your dog training him like you are teasing our dogs.

Will Take you- On!
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 12:43pm PST 
Kinda depends on the circumstances. You ARE teasing their dogs. However, if their dogs are outside most of the day, there's no way around it.

If they're trying to provide structured outside time while keeping an eye on their dogs, then their dogs deserve to have their time without being teased. I personally never use another persons animals for training purposes without that persons consent (unless it's unavoidable, like if they are outside 10 hours a day).

FWIW, working exclusively off your neighbor's dogs will not teach your dog to work through all canine distractions. It will only teach him to focus in your yard even though the neighbor's dogs are out. It's way too specific a situation for him to generalize.

I am Fearless
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 1:24pm PST 
First I wanted to say I don't go out there everytime and train Mozart when they are out just today they were out there for about 2 or 3 hours and instead of training Mozart in the yard I took both of my dogs for a walk because we had just done training the day before when there dogs were out. Yes they are not out there all day they just leave them out sometimes for a couple of hours, I can understand you thinking I am teasing their dogs but that is not my my intention at ALL. Before they moved in we did this all the time and Mozart is doing great and I imagine when they have there electric doggie fence they will be out there alot more I am not gonna not train Mozart just because they are out there but I will give them time when they are outside to be alone and if you read my post I said I go out a couple of times a week to train in the backyard not everyday and sometimes I will take him outside potty and do like a 5 minute training session when they are out and then go inside. Oh and I forgot to put that normally the owners are inside when there dogs are outside, I normally never see them sitting outside with them. And there have been times when I am out there with Mozart and their dogs are not and then they let them out and I don't get angry at all.

Jackson Tan

Lad about town
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 7:48pm PST 
I've said it once, I'll say it again ... other people's dogs are not there to provide distraction training. Or any sort. They have put their dogs out to get some fresh air that's it, you are teasing them, stop it. It's rude. It's just ... really rude.

I also don't understand why you would say 'I don't get angry that they don't stay outside with them', why you would even suggest that is beyond me? Why would anyone get angry that someone left their dogs in their yard? I leave my dog in the yard all the time, I don't have time to sit out there and stare at him all day. He's just outside, I can see him from the window, end of story. It's not neglectful or whatever you think it is.

And, um, well if a neighbour came up to me gushing 'oh, I train dogs and I can train yours too yadda yadda' I would not be impressed. Really. It's insulting. I know you meant well, but how would you feel if some random person came up to you and said the same? No one likes unsolicited advice, especially on animals they have kept a long time!

I can see why they're not speaking to you, because yes, that is rude behaviour.
Maggie,- Tika, &- Porter

Aussie-tastic- Trio
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 8:17pm PST 
I use my neighboring dogs as distraction to train around...not my fault that they are out when I want to train - my schedule is only so flexible and when I see the barky Yorkie, the really barky Goldens, or the roaming Husky mix out when I train, so be it...my dogs just need to learn to work through that kind of irritating distraction. I guess that when I will walk down the road and work on heeling while being barked at by the neighboring dogs I could be considered teasing them as I have a chuck-it, and then I have the gall to let my dogs swim in view of the other dogs too...but so be it.

I think that it is a bit rude to go out as you see the other dogs come out to work on training as you now spot a good distraction for yours to work through.

I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Tue May 15, '12 8:45pm PST 
I think there is a fine line here when it comes to neighbours with dogs.

Yes, it is okay for you to use your own backyard to train your dogs and do your own thing providing you are abiding with local by-laws.

BUT, if you are purposefully heading out to your backyard whenever you see them put their dogs out just so that you can train, then yes, that is rude and could start some really negative feelings.

I would be very annoyed if someone where to purposefully time letting their dog out with when I let mine out.

Time for a privacy fence maybe?
Toto, CD, RN, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!!
Barked: Wed May 16, '12 3:36am PST 
I really have to agree with Jackson here about offering to train their dogs. Nothing annoys me more than a wanna be trainer telling me how to train my dogs. These are MY dogs, and their behavior is NOT your concern as long as they are not endangering you or your dog...how do you know that whatever they are doing is not what their owner trained them to do??? Not everyone trains the same things in the same way.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Wed May 16, '12 6:50am PST 
I am with J&T & Toto on this one. You ARE teasing their dogs, and to add insult to it you tell them you are a "trainer" who can train theirs? Yes, dogs need to work around distractions, but doing things that incite barking is just rude.

I am Fearless
Barked: Wed May 16, '12 8:13am PST 
I can understand why you guys think it is rude but I don't think it is that big of deal, Mozart is still a puppy so I have to take him in the backyard to potty multiple times and day no matter if the dogs are out there or not. And lately the weather has been really nice so the neighbors dogs have been out more and once they get their electric fence I have a feeling they will be out there all the time but I am gonna give them there space like I said before I only go out maybe 3 times a week to train on the long leash. Also I live in a nice neighborhood but alot of people are downright mean I have been yelled at by 5 different people for my dog peeing or pooping(when I have bags and pick it up) on that yard when there yard looks like crapeek One guy even threaten to call animal control to take my dog away because he peed on his bush and yes he had a dogeek Now what those people have said to me is rude and mean. I also wanted to say I am 17 years old and want to become a dog trainer acutally my dream is to train dogs for movies tv shows etc, I told them I could watch there dogs if they needed my mother told them I could train dogs and have taught Mozart a bunch of stuff. So never did I say your dogs need to be trained or toot my own horn and say I am the best dog trainer okay?
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Wed May 16, '12 8:34am PST 
Um. I have had neighbor troubles. I have written about them here. Where it stands right now, is I am strictly controlling my dogs while the neighbors allow theirs to leap against their fence and madly bark. (They live slightly down the street and their dogs start this behavior as soon as my dogs or I come into the yard.)

I think if you are in your yard or your dog is under your control, it is up to the neighbors to control theirs. It isn't my fault their dogs bark? At least I hope no one thinks so.
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