Should I report him

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I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 1:47pm PST 
Theres a man down the street that likes to sit on a porch with his off leash rottweiler, every time I walk by, the dog runs up to us and gets in Uno's face.

Uno has reactivity issues due to being attacked by off leash dogs and I've been working really hard with him to slowly desensitize him to passing dogs and he's been doing really well. But it drives me nuts when other off leash dogs approach him, especially when its evident that I'm trying my best to avoid them. I usually have to body block and shoo the dog away.

Anyways, the man with the rottweiler just sits on his butt and yells for the dog to come back which usually takes several minutes. I've continued to walk, to avoid face to face confrontation, but it puts Uno over the edge to have a strange dog at his heels.

I've told him to leash his dog, but its happened again 2 or 3 times.
So today I wrote down his address and next time this happens, I'm calling AC, maybe getting a fine will get my point across.

Am I overreacting?

Barked: Tue May 1, '12 2:10pm PST 
I'd tell him to leash his dog "or else"...

- you'll call A/C.

- you'll spray the dog with pepper spray.

- you'll whack it with a walking stick.

etc. etc. etc.

That's plenty of fair warning. Then follow through.
Sanka- I'll Miss- You

The ground is my- newspaper.
Barked: Tue May 1, '12 4:40pm PST 
Rather than starting off harsh, perhaps say a little fib like "excuse me, I've been trying to train my dog, and your dog running up to him like that isn't helping. Could you perhaps leash your dog or be more aware of when people are walking by?"

See if he reacts to kindness. Then when all else fails, you just gotta do something. Either reroute your walks or call the authorities. You have every right to walk down the public areas without being pestered by someone else's dog.

Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Wed May 2, '12 9:56am PST 
Good suggestions. Can I say that approaching him without Uno might be helpful. When I have had difficulty with people, I find shouting at them from the curb is immediately taken as aggression, when I really just don't want to approach with my dog in hand.

I had a negative experience with a neighbor which started that way...

Barked: Wed May 2, '12 6:46pm PST 
I would also try speaking to the man first. At the very least, unless you wish to remain completely anonymous, give some kind of warning that you will take action if the situation continues.

And then, consider carefully your local laws before making a complaint to animal control. Remember that unless this is truly a caring owner who wants to protect his dog, ultimately it will be the dog that is punished. What I ask myself before involving animal control is, "is this situation bad enough that this dog would be better off dead?" Especially when you're dealing with breeds like Rotties, unfortunately that is what it may come down to. Because of stereotypes, they don't often get a second chance.

Honestly, I'd probably just stop walking along the edge of the guy's yard.

I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Thu May 3, '12 6:30pm PST 
I have told him before and its happened twice since then, its like he doesent care. Also, I'm not on his property, his house is next to the road that goes through neighborhood and its the only road that leads to the park which I go to every day, so its not like I can avoid it.

I guess next time I'll tell him that I'll call AC if he doesnt leash up.

Barked: Fri May 4, '12 12:54am PST 
Seriously...pepper spray? and beating the dog with a stick? just for going up to your dog and sniffing him?

I don't know why people are suggesting those things.

If it were me, I'd just come up with a new route. From what you're telling us it doesn't seem like the Rottie is being aggressive in any way and in my opinion it doesn't warrant a call to a/c.

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I'm huntin'- wabbits
Barked: Fri May 4, '12 2:06pm PST 
There is no other route, I would have to make a loop around the neighborhood just to get to the park which would take additional 20 mins.
I dont plan on pepper spraying or hitting the dog, but it doesnt matter if his dog is friendly, if he gets in the face of mine and a fight breaks out, both dogs could be injured.
At least AC would give him a warning, I dont think they would take the dog away, we dont have BSL laws here.

Barked: Sun May 6, '12 5:46pm PST 
So, you can't cross to the other side of the road?

We don't have any offical BSL laws here, either. Doesn't stop Animal Control from euth'ing BSL-targeted breeds on the first offense. Some of them will even stretch the nature of the complaint to do it. If you know your local ACO is reasonable and will approach the situation appropriately, ok, whatever, he does deserve to be fined. In this area, though, if you called about a roaming Rottie harassing your leashed dog and you fearing a fight, that could be euth'd.
Quinn Elijah

A very happy- hound indeed. :)
Barked: Mon May 7, '12 1:04pm PST 
Any dogs that run right up to Quinn and Pixie, we will ask the owner to get the dog, if they do not, I will warn them then I will kick the dog in the face.

Seems harsh. But Quinn was attacked by a german shepherd a few years back and still has problems with a lot of dogs.

If you can't stop your dog running up to other dogs, ESPECIALLY when the owner of that dog has asked you to get your dog away, it is either your dog is likely to be attacked by the other dog or your dog will be hurt by the person. I am not putting Quinn in the position to possibly be hurt because some other owner can not use a lead!
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