Neighbors dogs allowed to run at large but neighbors threaten Cheveyo's life if he barks.

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Where we moved to most of the neighbors have dogs that are never contained to the owners property. These dogs have tried to attack several people and I have nearly ran one of them over because it ran out in front of my vehicle. These owners have had AC called on them and AC refuses to do anything. Cheveyo has been out on a tie out while we are out in the yard working on cleaning it up and if these other dogs come near our yard he barks at them. There were a few nights that we had to be away from home till very late and Cheveyo was in a dog run. The assistant Fire Chief lives right across from us and if he or his wife have a problem they come talk to us. However our next door neighbor has threatened to shoot Cheveyo saying that he barks all night long. Plus the neighbor behind us lets her puppy run at large and Cheveyo was on the tie out while we were outside a couple weeks ago and her dog came onto our property and was tearing up the trash Cheveyo wanted to play with the other puppy but the owner said he tried to attack her dog. I know he didnt because we were right there with him. The neighbor threatened to kill him. Can they get away with killing him for no reason while other dogs run at large and they do nothing to them?

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....they are threatening to kill your contained puppy?! naughty
Hope you get more advice soon, but I for one would be lodging a complaint with the police. Take pictures with the date/time stamp of any instances you can of their dogs running loose, etc. That could be useful in the future. Also, record (write down) any more times they threaten, note their exact words along with the time & date.

Eta: If they do anything to Cheveyo and he is on your property, they can get in major trouble. Personally, I would no longer leave him unattended outdoors as that can give them plenty of opportunities to poison him or do something else to him. (We have had neighbors try to poison our rabbits before, but the rabbits were smart and didn't drink any of the poisoned water...dogs and esp pups prob won't be as discerning.) This is another reason to lodge a complaint NOW before anything actually happens; it will give the police a heads-up, so while they can't do anything about it now per-se, it is in the books, and they know it's not something you are making up just because you don't like them or whatever. One thing to keep in mind though, is non-stop barking can be very annoying, especially at night. I don't let my dogs ever carry on barking, our neighbors Bloodhounds were taken by AC for barking. Good luck, and do whatever it takes to keep Cheveyo safe!

Also, it usually takes more than one call to make AC do something, keep phoning them...especially if the dogs are trying to attack people!

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