BSL another question- .... what if its not a pit bull?

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So i was looking into prospective graduate schools and places the USDA can send you to do work. Since i'm not sure if i'm going to work or continue my education in a year or so when i complete my undergraduate degree.

And I had asked before about BSLs. Since i don't want to get a puppy or a rescue and then have to send it away or give to relatives because i get placed in a place that has BSLs.

So i used the links provided and did some research on my own and all i found was pit bull information.

Some of the websites actually made me ill with all the propaganda they had on them. 85 deaths in 7 years is sad... but compared to other more worrisome things like violent crimes, shootings and such it's a minuscule # for the whole US.

But anyway. My question is how do you find out for other dogs that aren't pit bull, 'fighting' dog breeds or wolf hybrids?

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Unfortunately, finding complete, accurate, and up-to-date information can be difficult. There's not really one central clearinghouse.

Your best bet is to research the places you're considering before accepting a position. Keep in mind, too, that although one town might have BSL, the one 10 miles away might not...

The listings on this site will list the cities in a given state with BSL; you'll have to go to the city/county website to find the breeds affected.

http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/Locations/BSLListi ngs.htm

And this site has a lot of information on animal law, but can be a bit unwieldy:


Good luck! smile

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For wolf and dogs with known wolf content you can check www.wolfdogalliance.org 's legislative section by state.


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Jake- You might also try asking the chamber of commerce in the area you plan to live or travel to what the dog laws are in that city. Often they are a wealth of information on all the local laws in their area.

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Agree with the others that this type of information is so specific to region, town, city that it might be a good idea for you to list out the areas you may go to first, and then research their specific legislative ordinances. If you go to their .gov websites you can often find ordinances, links to animal control regulations etc., actual text of their legislation.

Good point that sometimes you can reside just 10 miles in the next town, or past the outskirts of a city limit and legally keep a 'banned' dog, too. Always keep in mind what your own comfort level is, too. BSL has a way of 'spreading', although it's been successfully pushed back on a number of occasions. Best of luck in your search!

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If your dog looks like a pitbull, or close enough that some idiot could think it is one (I've seen boxers called pitbulls, before), I wouldn't move anywhere with BSL. It doesn't even matter if the law prohibits only pitbulls and not dogs that "look like them" (which some BSL does), your dog could still be taken from you and murdered just for looking the way he does.
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This website, if you click on the state it gives a list of all BSL and what breeds are included:
http://www.understand-a-bull.com/BSL/Locations/USLocation s.htm

Make sure to check whether it says "Confirmed" or "being discussed" for example for Chicago it says "being discussed", every once in a while some alderman or something will bring up BSL but so far it's been shouted down before it is ever even considered as a law.

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