I wish there was law stating ADEQUATE EXERCISE

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Dogs should be free to roam the home, and have plenty of space to walk around, but I cannot in all honesty say that I'd support a law forcing exercise to a standard.

I admit to missing a few days of exercise for my dogs, although we do play catch with Charlie in the house every day, and try to let him run in the backyard as often as we can. Zelda is another story, as she doesn't really seem to desire exercise. She loves when we go for walks, but she never gets cabin-fever like Charlie does if we skip a day of exercise.

My in-laws have two dogs that are overweight, on awful food (whatever they can afford), and are rarely ever exercised, and I'd still never support someone telling them how to raise their dogs. Their dogs might not be thriving whatsoever, but they are happy in their home and I know their owners love them to death.

I know OP has the right intentions, but sometimes it's just not rational. I wish that our country would ban dog food that is comparable to feeding our children gruel. That doesn't mean it should be a law or anyone should be forced.. so instead I feed my dogs the best diet I can and I try to help others make good dietary changes. If you're really into exercising, maybe you could offer to walk your neighbor's dog once a week, and they might even pay you a little!

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It's really a hard task for many pet owners. But I make it a point to bring my dog when I exercise outside. He gets to walk while I'm doing the same.

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Impossible to police, and even if it were, impossible to implement without

A) Avoiding harassment of those whose dogs need to be inactive for legitimate medical reasons (heartworm recovery, for instance, often takes months if not over a year).

B) Taking into account the extremely wide variety of physical needs across dog breeds and even individuals within a breed. Samson can go days without much physical activity and not have it bother him; he's got very little drive. Usually around day 4 or 5 or so, if it goes that long (which is very rare) I notice that he's more antsy to run around and act "crazy."

Some dogs, however, would be like that after mere hours. If I take Samson on more than one jog/run during the day he does not enjoy the second at all.

How do you standardize such extreme differences?


We need less laws, not more. I don't need some suit coming into my home and telling me how my dog MUST be exercised, a dog said suit has never met much less lived with.

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"Taking into account the extremely wide variety of physical needs across dog breeds and even individuals within a breed."

Prime example of that can be found in the original post itself for me.

Doogers - I was shocked that your Golden and Lab mix dogs do well with only a 30 minute walk everyday. Mine. Would. Go. Bonkers. My little dogs need at least that while my Labs need a couple of hours of all out running everyday to not be bouncing off the walls.

Most bird dogs (and many others) are similar, a half an hour wouldn't begin to suffice. But if you ended up with three individuals that happen to not fit the mold of the their breeds then you wouldn't want anyone telling you you needed to do more would you? Or even accusing you of being neglectful of them if you didn't?
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I think Doogers pretty much qualified those points in her second post in this thread. . . . .

It was meant more as a rant against dogs that never get exercise than to be a genuine proposal . . .

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I understand where you are coming from. My neighbor has an extremely over weight Golden Retriever, and has told me that he doesn't walk the dog because the dog is older and doesn't need exercise. This dog is 5 years old.

This same neighbor is always telling me I need to exercise my dogs more. I walk them at home 2 hours a day, plus we play all day and at night we go to another property that I own that is completely fenced and they get to run and play for 1-3 hours. But this guy is convinced that Sakari is always "on a chain" as he puts it - the "chain" is a 60 ft long line that she wears on my home property because it isn't fenced.

He tells all the other neighbors that I neglect my dogs and I have active dogs that I refuse to exercise. Has called animal control on me numerous times for my dogs being "neglected" and "malnourished" of course they look malnourished compared to his overweight dogs.

Sometimes the dogs don't get exercise but sometimes they do and you may just not notice it. I know in the summer I take Sakari for her walks at 3 am when it is cool out - so my neighbors think from May to October that my dogs don't get walked

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Both a dog and the owner can get plenty of exercise while walking.

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Samson that is one of the reasons we chose to have Akitas,for dogs of their size they are couch potatoes. A half hour in the morning and again in the evening as well as plenty of time to play with each other which they typically spend laying around sunning themselves and a weekly good run is more than enough for them,they also bark at next to nothing,unless someone they don't know or don't like is within their comfort zone,it's too much effort for them to bother leaving the nice comfy spot they have. My husband and I both have chronic pain issues,his from his job,mine from a car accident.
We did the research and found a breed that fit our abilities and lifestyle and would not need 5 miles a day in exercise to be happy then worked with a breeder to find the most likely puppy to fit our circumstances,our dogs are well cared for,in excellent health,well socialized,and seem very happy just being here and being loved. I have had people from animal control here for other reasons who have seen my pups and just stopped to pet them and tell me how sweet and beautiful they are,and that it's obvious they are well cared for. So I agree,different dogs,and different breeds have different requirements and although someone else might not think I do enough,they seem to,they in fact will go back to the car to go home when they have had enough of a run.

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Samson I agree with you...
No I don't take my dogs out to walk around because one is fear aggressive & no amount of work has changed that...the other is so dominant it's not funny. I do take them to the woods as I'm able but between college, caring for my Mom, yard work, the shopping & misc. stuff they usually get 30-45 minutes of chasing toys around the house each night. And I also know an older woman who is 92 yrs old, can hardly walk herself let alone her doxie. But she is NOT overweight, or on a poor diet, and is a happy little girl.
You know if everything gets legislated then pretty soon we'll be nothing more than 'warm bodies' owned by the gov't. It's calls for more & more laws that have led the way to BSL...
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