Dog Shot By Neighbor. Please Help.

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My ex-husband lives in Kentucky. He has two female pitties, both spayed, neither the slightest bit aggressive. They are inside dogs, they have a fenced yard...that, as terrible misfortune would have it, they got out of this morning. Billy discovered they'd gotten out within 15 minutes...and then heard two gunshots. Long story short...

Less than a quarter mile down the road, a 20-something year old that lives at his parents shot the dogs. Dixie hasn't been found yet. Daisy was shot point blank in the neck with a 12 gauge shotgun. The guy's brother came down to the house and told Billy "it was my brother that shot your dogs, I'm so sorry, one of them is up under a truck at my house still alive."

So he shoots this dog point blank...fatally wounds but doesn't instantly kill it...and leaves her there to die. Billy went and got her and got her to the vet, where she had to be put down. They've looked everywhere, all day, for Dixie but still can't find her.

There are no leash laws, there is no breed legislation, Billy lives in the country. These dogs are not vicious and everyone else around there knows and loves them. This kid shot these dogs for no reason other than pure meanness. When Billy went to get Daisy, no one at that house offered an apology, an explanation, nothing.

Please tell me something can be done about this. I realize it is a pet owners responsibility to keep his animals on his own property...this was a freak thing. While yes, it is Billy's responsibility to keep the dogs secure on his property...there has got to be some kind of responsibility for the person that shoots the dogs with no good reason, fatally wounding one and leaving it to die. There's got to be some sort of accountability there.
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Call the local sheriff. Have a deputy come out and talk one on one.

ETA: Explain to the deputy what happened and how he went to "retrieve" the wounded dog. Unfortunately there may not be much you can do. Dogs are considered property and the laws aren't really in their favor too often.

So sorry for the loss of the dogs - this is sad... hug

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I'm so sorry about the dogs hug

Call the police/ sheriff... While you might be out of luck with an animal cruelty charge because the dogs had left their property, most jurisdictions have ordinances regarding the discharge of a firearm.

Good luck.


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That's horrible, sorry about those poor dogs.
I suggest calling the Police. thinkinghug

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I am so very sorry for the loss of these dogs. I hope Dixie is found soon and treated, or passed quickly without much pain.cry

I agree with the others. I would contact local law enforcement and explain what happened. At the very least they need to know that someone is randomly shooting at pet dogs. If there are no regulations/leash laws in that area, then the dog was simply roaming and should not have been shot. What if someone's cow or horse gets loose, is this kid gonna take pot shots at it? There may be laws regarding how close to property he can discharge his firearm even if there's no specific law regarding shooting an at large dog in your area.

Even deer hunters are required to track and find and then humanely dispatch a deer that they have injured.

Dogs are considered property still, and as such he may have the right to recoup the financial loss of his dog in small claims or civil court. He may want to go through with that even just to teach that cruel idiot a lesson. Best of luck..hug

ETA: got the poor dog's name wrong who is still missing...

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No way, no how do I trust that kid with a weapon. He may be in his twenties, but I wouldn't call him a man.naughty One day he will learn his lesson.

So sorry for the poor pups! I hope the other is just scared and makes her way back home. hug flowers hug

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How very said for your ex and you as well. Certain parts of KY are a world unto themselves...I agree that the only possible solutions are calling in law enforcement and see if any ordinances were broken. This kid may well say he was "attacked" and there would be no one to counter that false claim. Should he say that - your ex could be the one liable. Sad, but true. And while going to small claims may be an option the same problem arises. This "man" could claim he was attacked on his own property and had to defend himself. It will be tough to prove. Perhaps the brother that told him about it would be willing to step up. I hope the poor girl that ran away is found safe. Maybe the "man" didnt have time to fire another shot and she ran in fear? Keeping both dogs in my thoughts. hughug