Breed Specific Banning.- I Have a question?

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Barked: Sat Mar 10, '12 1:55am PST 
How does one look up what breeds are banned in their state/city/ province?

Someone warned me that when traveling even through some cities if you have a dog that isnt allowed a law officer can take it and have it euthanized or detained.

So i was wondering how do I find out where to find what breeds are banned in what cities?

I'm asking for future reference. I have a feeling my next dog may be from a bully breed. I tend to travel a lot and thankfully so far with Jake i haven't had a problem but i want to know how to find out what BSL are established and where so that I don't make a mistake and get one of my furkids hurt but turning into the wrong town instead of staying on the highway.

Any help would be appreciated.

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AFAIK the big place you want to stay away from is Denver, who has an active witch hunt against certain dogs and they don't care if you are traveling through or what, they will take your dog from you and murder him/her without due process, before you can even take them to court. A few of Denver's nearby outlying cities are like that too. Don't do business there, don't travel through it, don't do anything with them!

Most other towns/cities with breed bans either have provisions written in the law for travelers/tourists (one I read awhile back allowed a banned breed so long as you were not in the town more than 48 hours or something like that), or are otherwise only enforced on residents.

If you're planning a big trip I would stick to interstates and call up the relevant chamber of commerce for each town to get more info.

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Even though the site makes me want to vomit because it is Pro-BSL and so full of crap, they have a pretty comprehensive list of what is banned where:

http://www.dogsbite.org/legislating-dangerous-dogs-state-b y-state.php

Also, like Samson said, stay far away from Denver.


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understand-a-bull.com also has a BSL database