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Thursday afternoon, the neighbours aggressive staffy broke through the fence and attacked my mastiff.
This dog has broken though onto our property several times before and has attacked our dogs on numerous occasions.
The fence where the dog got through has had many loose pailings, we have put up what we can to stop the gaps appearing (planks of wood, bricks, planted plants) but the fence can only be nailed in from the neighbours side.
Then the neighbour and his friend preceded to jump the fence and strangle my dog with his hands, and tied a length of rope so tight around his nose that he couldnt breathe. he then dragged my dog to the other side of the yard and pinned him to the ground.
Naturally the dog growled as any dog would when they've just been attacked by both a dog and two men, and was scared out of his mind.
When the man screamed at my dog and threatened it, and as an act of self defence bit the man on the hand.

Now the neighbour and his wife are doing everything they can to put my dog down. They have called rangers and the local council.
I have raised this dog from a baby and i love him more than anything.
I want to do everything i can to ensure he doesnt get taken away from me.
it was the neighbours responsibility to fix the fence, it was his dog that got through and attacked mine, and it was his own fault that he interfered and was bitten. might i add that it all happened on our property.
What can we do?

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You really need to talk to a lawyer. Laws vary so much from place to place that it is difficult to say what your rights are in your area,in a given situation. Most lawyers in most areas do a first consult free.
These neighbors do not sound like reasonable and prudent people,alot of what law is supposed to be based on. Good Luck!!hugwishes Please keep us posted.
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Go outside with a camera and take pictures. Lots of pictures. The fence the location of where their dogs are. The fence. The injuries (if any) to your dog.

Then go into the house and open up a calendar. List off any date that their dog came onto your property. Then list any day's their dog attacked your dog.

Call a lawyer. You may even want to call animal control and file a formal complaint against them for a loose dog...

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First, I am afraid I would have gone after that man and beat him with a plank. After that, I would take pictures and lots of them. Then I would call animal control and have one of them come over so I could show them the fence situation. I would also call the sheriff or whatever stands for law in your parts and ask if I could have the man charged with whatever is available.

Then I would go baby my dog.

Good luck with this. I am furiously angry on your behalf.

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So sorry this has happened to your dog. Great suggestions so far...wholeheartedly agree: document!! everything you possibly can with pictures dates and times and contact local law enforcment AND a lawyer asap.

Please update us and let us know how it goes. Best of luck to you.

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Some good advice here. Document every little thing you can think of. Write down exactly what happened so you don't forget a detail. Stay calm when talking with the law, show them you are the responsible one. Also take pics showing you were the one trying to fix the fence from your side, but the others did not. It would have been better if you had called animal control the first time the staffy had attacked, but for now just try to remember how many times and when he has. Def lodge a complaint with AC, and take it to court if you have to. Fight this with all you got, do not back down an inch. We are pulling for you! Keep us updated! way to go hug
Eta: Def want to reiterate: go talk to a lawyer! Good luck! wishes

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