VT Senate Bill 240

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http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2012/02/vermont-senators-propose-pet-deat h-damages-bill/

If you agree with this, please support these two Senators by jotting them a note of appreciation .
Pets are family, not chattel.

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Senators Villuzzi and McCormack,
As one who lost our beloved dog to veterinary malpractice, I want to thank you both for having the courage to recognize that there should,
indeed, be emotional damages awarded when pets are lost in this manner. The veterinary profession is so poorly regulated by the veterinary
boards, so this is one way of seeing to it that things are done correctly, and if not and a pet suffers or dies, there will be accountability in
a court of law.
It will also make it easier to prosecute and hold culpable those who engage in animal abuse. It may also serve as a deterrent, both to careless
veterinarians and to people who may think twice before they abuse a helpless and trusting animal.
Thank you so much for speaking for our pets, who have no voice. You are both trailblazers on an issue whose time is long overdue. Pets are family, not property.