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This news is inadmissible, we cannot leave this subject unpunished, our dogs would give its life by us. We must to help then right now, spreading in the places where we pruned this type of the news to be open eyes of the people which they ignore this big injustice that is happening in nowadays.



Nick Santino Facebook Site: http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150637420236133&set=a.45144 9941132.245086.271421886132&type=1&theater

Nick Santino Web Site: http://www.fiapbt.net/nick.html


What can I do for to help against this INJUSTICE?: http://www.iadcro.com/iadcroinformation.html

IADCRO METHOD: http://www.iadcro.com/diffusion.html

FIAPBT: http://www.facebook.com/pages/FEDERACION-INTERNACIONAL-DEL-AMERICAN- PIT-BULL-TERRIER/271421886132?sk=wall – www.fiapbt.net
IADCRO: www.iadcro.com

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The decision to take his life was his own, and influenced by a decision HE made that I cannot rationally or emotionally support in any way.

He killed his dog, a creature who trusted him and was entrusted into his care, because he came under pressure. He could have moved. He could have you know, just not murdered his dog. There was no legal obligation to (his dog was grandfathered in and NOT banned), just harassment. He could have taken legal steps to address the harassment issue.

But he did not.

Instead he killed his dog, and then himself.

While BSL polices are pure evil, there were many other choices he could have made other than betraying his dog and killing it. Obviously he did not choose to take any of those routes.

And while I'm sure he was harassed, I'm sorry - no matter how much I was harassed, it would not drive me to murder my own dog.

Yes, this is a case against BSL. But let's not act like Santino was pure victim, here.

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The way this topic is worded makes it sound very different than the actual,factual account. This man's pitbull did nothing to him!!! He chose to MURDER the dog,then KILL HIMSELF!!! As Samson said he had many other options. The only innocent victim I see here is the dog.

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Maybe he killed it because he couldn't bear the thought of it going on without him, or was afraid for its safety without him there to protect it? Still, it seems crazy to me.... And not something that helps the pit cause any. Its different if the dog was going to starve to death or something... But the dog could have been cared for, his family our friends might have taken it. Makes no sense to me...what a horrible story.
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If there's a real injustice here, it's that the man didn't get the mental help he needed before he made an unfortunate decision to end his dog's life and his own.

To me it's a human mental health issue, and having never been in that depth of a state of mind to consider putting my dog down or commit suicide, I can't begin to judge Nick Santino or what led him to this tragic decision.
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The Actor's depression I understand, my soon to be ex-husband has suffered for 30 years. Very frustrating.
Don't dare judge him till you try to re-home a Pit with social problems.

Last April I tried to find a placement for a Pit Bull who's owners had health problems and could no longer care for him.
No one, not even the shelters or Pit rescues would take him. The Humane Society said they would put him down.

With no shelter or foster home available for even a short time, the owner had to chose to abandon the dog at a shelter and let him take his chances, or hold his dog while they put him down.

Poor Dino was euthanised in his owners arms on April 12, 2011.
Sad, but this is the reality for Pits. little angel

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I too suffer from depression. This man was an actor,he I'm sure had the means to get treatment for his condition and also to move someplace where he could keep his dog. I was actually not judging him,but first commenting on the way this thread was worded. I also feel it wasn't necessary for him to kill the dog,or for that matter himself,and yes,I have felt like doing it myself,my husband,my children,grandchildren and dogs are the reasons I get up in the morning and keep going. I can understand for the average person that rehoming a pitbull with issues may be difficult,but for someone with the means to relocate,he had other choices. If there were a ban on Akitas in my area,and I don't have money,I would find a way to move to where they could live with me and have some peace. I am very sorry that Dino's family didn't have an option. That is very sad for both them and Dino. It really sounds as if they wanted the best for him but due to health problems were unable to care for him and that is a tragedy.

Just a note: The way this thread is worded,it really does sound like he caused the dog to do something that made the dog kill him not that he killed the dog,then himself. This wording doesn't do much for the OP's cause.
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Barked: Wed Feb 15, '12 11:03pm PST 
I thought that too Mika and Kai, that he had goaded the dog into mauling him or something, used the dog to kill himself.

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Barked: Thu Feb 16, '12 8:54am PST 
Jackson Tan,
That is what is sounds like,that he comitted suicide by pitbull. The way this thread is worded does indeed make it sound like the dog was fine,but he did something to it to make it kill him. If the OP's cause is justice for pitbulls this thread title isn't going to help,in will infact reinforce the negative public perception of the breed which is totally defeating the anti-BSL cause of the original poster. Seeing this headline made me a bit curious because I wanted to know exactly what kind of damage the dog did and if there was a reason behind the attack. I personally have no idea whoNick Santino is since I haven't been to the movies since "LOTR-Return of the King" was released years ago. I can't stand to sit in theatre seats because of chronic pain issues. If he is a Broadway actor there again I am more than 14 hours away. I also don't watch much television so... but the Thread title is very confusing and if anti-BSL is the objective counter productive. Glad I'm not the only one that was confused.

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Now I've heard everything. This is just disgusting, the whole situation.