an interesting occurance about the law and leashes

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I met a man who said he walks his dog with an electric collar not a leash. Well many of us around here don't use leashes if dogs normally have solid recall but this was in a public park. A police officer stopped him and gave him a ticket that required him to go to court. In court he pleaded not guilty and explained the electric collar is an invisible leash - and know something? The judge agreed and dismissed his case!
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It's not invisible...you can still see it! Giant collar...remote control.

If there's such a thing as an invisible leash, it would be verbal control! And if the law is in favor of invisible leashes, then by golly, what the heck are we using these real leashes for? That judge is plain stupid if that was the wording behind the case, and he actually ruled in favor of the guy.
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Our local codes are worded somewhat strangely. Or enforced strangely or something.

The code says "under owner's control" and doesn't mention leashes or any other specifics. But Animal Control told me that means that the dog has to be in a strict heel. I trained mine more casually and let them about 10 feet away in open areas or just let them run in wide open spaces. This (I am now informed) is illegal.

So I think what? Maybe the control is enough and might agree with the judge. Intent of the law and not mere definition of the words.

I think that law enforcement's approach is much more casual. I have demonstrated my "control" with Sheriff's Dept. Deputies and S.P. looking on. They seem to feel that I don't need a leash or at least they don't push the issue. I suppose if the guy on the corner complains (as he has) then they have to talk to me.

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Yeah - I don't agree with that judge.

I have an e-collar and I used it a lot when Tohbi was younger just to be certain he'd listen to me and not trespass on my neighbor's property. I rarely had to use it and he loved being able to run free.

BUT - if he had wanted to chase down an animal or person, he would have. He's not that kind of a dog, and I never had to worry, but he would have done what he wanted to do and suffered the shocks. It may, in fact, have made a bad situation even worse by antagonizing the situation.

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Savannah very interesting! A police officer has seen me oh maybe a handful of times where my dogs weren't leashed but I heeled them, he never said anything but hello. Could be the judge and some officers are just being kind but I wonder what the law says about electric collars in every case you know? I'd never heard of it counting as a leash before (for the leash laws) "Under owner's control" is much better for the law, despite what is used.

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Adam in the area we lived in before we moved to our current home "under the owners control" was the wording and just as in Savvy's case if you could demonstrate verbal control and your dog was rock solid on it there was no issue about a leash. Where I live now the law is specific and an actual leash must be used even if the dog is solid.
When we first moved here we still had our old dog. I hated having to put her on a leash but the law is the law. It was amusing that it took all of two weeks if that to boundry train her with no visable barrier of any kind and if I told her to stay on the porch I could let her out and people thought she was a decorative piece and would walk by several times just to check if she was real. I don't know what would happen in court there with the control thing. It would most likely depend on the judge.