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Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 5:53pm PST 
Ok, I thought about this and figured it'd be nice to have.

Let's say there is a town with BSL (breed-specific legislation) in place. You are going to the head honchos there to plead your case on how BSL is ineffective and how the BSL should be removed. How do you go about getting all that data? You search for hours to make a list and check references and stats. Compile papers, photos, pie charts (maybe). There's so much data against BSL, that it's just scattered everywhere.

It'd be nice to compile a list of sources and reasons/points to avoid BSL for towns. Something that could really work in the eyes of the law. So that if someone were to have this come up in their town or if they currently have it in place in their town, they have some great points to make in support of their opposition to BSL were they to feel compelled to do something about it. They'd have a nice list of points to make, sources to provide and solid reasons to their claim.

Pit bull specific reasons would also be good given their popularity.

Also, since the problem would remain even if the BSL is lifted, it'd be nice to have some ideas to toss to the towns on what they could do instead in order to solve whatever problem they were having in the first place that made them decide to have the BSL in the first place.

So, maybe if we get a bunch of good ideas jotted down, we can make another thread with all the ideas in the first post to make it an easy read. Kind of like a check list of points to make/things to bring up for the person actually standing up against BSL. It'd just help make things go smoother I think.

I don't know...it just seems that there are so many valid reasons against BSL, but they are just scattered all over the place. It'd be nice to have it all together for reference.

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Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 9:30pm PST 
Have you checked out stopbsl.com or badrap.org? Those would be my 1st 2 stops.

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Barked: Tue Jan 10, '12 9:48pm PST 
Yep - StopBSL, BadRap, and the National Canine Research Council have a ton of information, including who to write to, how to speak to public officials, what NOT to say, etc...

I've had quite a bit of success using them as resources to keep BSL out of Texas. way to go