Confused here. Us vs. Neighbors.

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My ACD is- tougher then- your [breed]
Barked: Sun Jan 22, '12 8:46am PST 
I to have the same prob, the neighbors don't believe in dog management, the only time they do is when they aren't home, but if they are they let their dogs run all over creation chasing cars & such. Izze has chased them out of the property many times.

I'm sure that there is a law prohibiting this, so who should I call? I live in the Houston area should I call the SPCA?

Barked: Mon Jan 23, '12 4:55pm PST 
Thank you, Mika & Kai, as it is so difficult!! The neighbors, I've noticed, have resorted to putting shock collars on the 3 adult dogs. It keeps them from our side of the fence now, and I guess from getting away for the most part, but they leave them home alone all day long. So the dogs will always run out and bark and bark and bark when they hear anything.

They are purebred pitbulls. I've spoken to our neighbors a few times about them. They insist they are friendly, but it's the fact they leave them alone barking all day long and we can't enjoy the outdoors! Even if they are friendly, they still need attention and interraction. What's worse it that they are breeding them. Over and over again.

The pits may not be considered by the dog fancy of the world as a "guard breed", but they sure do like to guard their own yard and bark at any little sound they hear. That, to me, is guard-like behavior.

At this point, I think I will resort to a pitbull rescue for more information and contacting the city itself.

Barked: Sat Jan 28, '12 8:11pm PST 
If I were you I'd either:

a) attend a city council meeting and try to get your local ordinances changed - ie. any nuisance barking extending beyond say a 20 minute time frame is subject to a fine

b) if you don't have city council meetings or the like document your plight (video the non-stop barking?) and take it up with the mayor of your town/city...perhaps they'll have the authority to give animal control the go-ahead to take care of this ridiculousness one way or another

c) if the dogs are found running at large again skip calling your local animal control and instead take it upon yourself to pick them up and make a drive to a shelter/rescue that DOES hold owners more accountable. Hopefully the additional fines and surprising distance will inspire them to change what they're doing as it obviously isn't working.

If they don't end up locating them further away maybe that would be a good thing for everyone. Would be huge plus if the shelter/rescue was a no-kill and spay/neutered all dogs in their care before they were adopted out.

d) try one of those ultrasonic barking deterring systems?

If I were you I'd probably be doing all of the above all at the same time.

That's definitely why I live in the boonies...I couldn't deal with that ridiculousness party

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