My dog was stolen and advertised as abused.

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I say my dog, but it is legally my mothers. Granted I've had her since I was about 14.

The morning of Christmas eve we had discovered that one dog was missing. We went outside and called for her and walked up and down the street. Others drove around looking for her.

A week later, after asking the closest animal control facilities if they had seen her, we got a phone call advising us that a dog of the same size and color had been spotted walking in the woods not two minutes walk from my house. We went out and looked for her, but did not find her.

This location, incidentally, had four lost dog signs mounted on various spots to promote visibility. And is not even six minutes from the local vet.

Now, yesterday we visited the aforementioned vets office to ask if anyone had brought a dog matching ours description in, and they referred us to a man working in grooming.

He advised us that they found her nearly the day we thought we lost her, and that he had even been taking care of her for a period of time. His wife or girlfriend, who I am told works in surgery, told him that she had been adopted out already, and that she already explored all the avenues possible to locate the owner, including contacting shelters and checking for signs.

The next morning, my mother called the local animal shelters asking if she had been reported to them, and they said no. So this was unsettling.

Only just this afternoon, my aunt directed my mother to a facebook posting for abandoned animals up for adoption, and contained therein was an account of how my dog had been abused, overbred, and dumped on the side of the road. A picture was also included convincing us this was her.

She has, in fact, dark skin on her underside and a rash on her rear end that we simply could not eliminate.

When a comment was posted on this facebook posting shedding light on the actual happenings, the entirety of the post mysteriously vanished, but not before my mother captured an image of it and printed it out.

I am in Dallas, GA and I want to know what the legal course is at this point. My mother testifies that the animal shelter said to contact the police.

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Dogs are considered property and that is why you were directed to the police. Basically, it would be the same if someone stole a piece of art or a bike. You may also want to contact a lawyer.