Neighbor putting tiny dogs out in freezing weather

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 8:13am PST 
I moved to a community a few months ago where almost everyone has a dog, but we all keep our dogs inside. Eventually I noticed almost constant barking two houses down from me and I realized that the owners were keeping their Chihuahua and teacup Yorkie in the backyard during the day, even as the weather turned rainy and cold.

At some point I ended up calling the township when I saw the dogs out there in the freezing rain, and supposedly the owners were sent a letter detailing ordinances about barking.

It stopped for a while, then over the holidays when it got REALLY cold they decided it was time to put the dogs out again. And according to my husband the owners were home! He saw the guy open the door and yell at the dogs to stop. Today we have wind chills in the single digits and I just could not bear to see them out there anymore so I gave the township another call and explained what was going on with the dogs. I emphasized that it was my concern for the dogs and that the owner was knowingly doing this.

Is this just a normal thing in the suburbs that I'm just not aware of? I understand that bigger dogs can be okay in the outdoors, but I don't get choosing the worst weather to make such small dogs live outside.

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Barked: Wed Jan 4, '12 9:43am PST 
No it's not just a suburban thing you aren't aware of it is animal cruelty if they are outside for endless hours without proper food,water,and shelter. Perhaps you are calling the wrong people.
You might want to try the most local Humane Society or Animal Control for your area. The township my be looking at it from the perspective of a public nuisance because of the barking rather than the perspective of a neglected or abused pet. I certainly hope you are able to find someone in your area who can help these poor dogs before they become sick or die from being treated this way.hughug and thank-you for being concerned enough to do something.

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Barked: Mon Jan 23, '12 8:53am PST 
Just wondering if you found the proper agency to help you and these poor dogs. Please let us know.big hug And many thanks for your concern. I was hoping perhaps another dogster would have more helpful information for you.


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This is awful! I would definitely call animal control. My chis hated the cold weather and when it got really cold, I would shovel off a spot right outside the back door so they could run out, do their business and come right back in. I even kept a warm water bottle in his bed for my senior chi. Just the draft in the house was too much for him in the winter. Towards the end, he wouldn't even go out to pee in the winter. I had to carry him out in a blanket, place him down to pee and scoop him right back up. I couldn't imagine them being locked outside in that weather!

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You'll probably get a better response if you contact Animal Control. Some places call them 'dog wardens'. Generally they handle calls relating to loose dogs, or reports of neglected/abused dogs. If dogs are left outside in severe weather for extended periods with inadequate shelter, that's considered neglect.

Please contact them. You're right, small dogs with little coat (like chis) really suffer in that type of weather. Good luck!

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I would definately go the route of the Humane Society. If possible, take pictures of the dogs out in bad elements or just annotate it. It's obvious you are a caring person so they would respect this. Animal Control offices range from wonderful to downright horrendous so if your new to the area you might want to take this into consideration.
Thanks for watching out for these poor pups!

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A tiny dog like that froze to death in Vermillion Ohio last year because his owner left him outside for hours. It's very dangerous. I'd call your local Animal control or humane society.