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Attacked by a cat!

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I came, I saw, I- chewed.
Barked: Thu Jan 12, '12 4:29pm PST 
So glad that Winn is okay! I'm really not a cat person. I admit they freak me out a little. Didn't help that when I met my husband, he had a cat that hid in the walk-in closet and pounced when you walked by. At least she was declawed when he got her so I didn't have to worry about getting scratched. Flipping ninja cat...

Live life to the- fullest
Barked: Thu Jan 12, '12 8:43pm PST 
Cat bites are very likely to infect. Sara's groomer has several groomers at her business, and only she and one other groomer do cats as she said it's always been her experience that any cat bite is going to infect and always takes longer to heal. She always makes anyone who's been bitten by a cat, even a small bite, go to a doctor right away. That's probably what happened to your dog.

I had a great cat named Gar (for the Farkle Family on Laugh-In) who was never allowed out without me. Neighbors liked him, and he had an 8 x 8 foot pen that was roofed to stay in when he wanted outside. He wasn't declawed, and a couple of times he clawed me while playing and both times they were deep wounds and infected.

Our city has leash laws for dogs and cats alike, and, sad to say, a couple of times I've had to have our dog catcher sit live traps in my yard for nuisance cats that were running loose. Even though they were trapped and the owners identified, neither owner claimed them and paid the fine, so they were euthanized. The dog catcher told me neither cat was "fixed", one had a lot of scars, and the other had had multiple litters of kittens and was very unhealthy. One owner was identified and fined and griped to no end. There wasn't enough evidence to identify the other owner positively, but neighbors said it was his cat and he let all his animals run loose and neglected them. I knew, of course, if a cat comes onto my property and is hurt by Sara, I'm not liable for any damage, but I don't want that to happen as Sara has always been friendly with cats, but she will chase them if they run.
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