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Who do I contact if I need to report animal mistreatment in Chicago? There's this guy that lives in Chicago that has a really sweet Pitt Bull Puppy. They leave him outside at night. It's really getting cold and the temp has dropped to low 20s at night and I hear this dog barking all night with no sweater on. I saw the puppy's mother go through the same abusive treatment and it died a year ago from swealtering heat. I want to know who I can call so that they can at least check up on the dog or warn the owner so that they will have to provide a doggie door or dog house outside or simply bring the puppy in the house. I'm so upset!!!! If anyone wants to report it for me and knows the number to call it's cold outside and even my huge German Shepard dog who is a house dog get's frost bite sometimes.

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Go to the ASPCA website. In the upper left-hand corner in the orange bar, scroll over the "Fight animal crulety" button. A list will pop up. The first link on the list is "Report animal crulety" Click on it. Scroll down below the article links and there you have a list of numbers to call. This is the article for anywhere outside New York.

Outside NYC: You will need to find out the name of the persons in your area who are responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty codes in your town, county and/or state. These people typically work for your local humane organization, animal control agency, taxpayer-funded animal shelter or police precinct.

If you run into trouble finding the correct agency to contact, you should call or visit your local police department and ask for their help in enforcing the law. If your local police department is unable to assist, you can ask at your local shelter or animal control agency for advice on who to contact to report animal cruelty in your community. To find contact information for your local shelter, check the yellow pages or visit the ASPCA's searchable database of nearly 5,000 community SPCAs, humane societies and animal control organizations.
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How about looking in the phone book under Animal Control. Most animal controls take "anonymous" calls for complains. Or if there is a local SPCA website there should be an e-mail available for complaints.

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