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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 6:36am PST 
I live in Ontario, Canada. Yesterday morning a group of hunters shot my 2 black labs. It was 9am, bright and early. The dogs were 3 feet from the fence to our barn yard but still on our rented property. The hunters had permission from our landlords to be hunting but not that close to the barn and house. They shot my 11 year old dog once in the rump and when she started to get up to run to me they shot her again in the neck. She passed away instantly. My 8 month old puppy was shot on the leg. He is in surgery right now and the vet insures me he will make a full recovery. The hunter said he thought they were coyotes trying to get into our chicken coup. We called the police and were still waiting to hear from the Ministry of Natural Resources. I strongly believe these people should be charged. They were shooting towards our house and they fired a shot while I was in the field calling my dog. I have four daughters that play in our backyard on a daily basis. I don't feel safe anymore. Can anything be done? Does anyone know of any laws or have any information for me?

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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 7:13am PST 
I am so very sorry for your loss. I'm sorry that I can't help as I know nothing about hunting laws in Ontario CA. I can say that where I live in the US that hunters even on private land can only fire live rounds withing so many yards of inhabited buildings. If I were you I would most certainly contact a lawyer in your area. Most will at least consult with you for a small fee or none at all in order to ascertain if you even have a case. It's not up to the hunters to just randomly decide they're seeing coyotes near coops and start firing into someone's property, rented or not. As you said, you have children. What if one of your daughters had been on the other side of the dog? How horrible for you to fear having them out and about in their own yard.

If there isn't a criminal case possible, you certainly might be able to sue them in civil court because they have destroyed your 'property' (at least in the US dogs are considered property and you can sue, again not sure about CA)

I have friends in Maine who paint the word "COW" in fluourescent orange letters on their milk cows for hunting seasons. Even so, they still lose one to hunters every couple years. Idiots, especially the 'weekend warrior' type hunters that have no clue. A black and white cow does not look like a deer, and a black lab in NO way resembles a coyote. Obviously, these hunters did not have a 'clear shot', and hopefully will be prosecuted before they shoot a child.

I hope your pup makes it through surgery OK. Again, so very sorry this has happened to you hug Good luck with pursuing your case, I hope you get the chance to make an example of them.

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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 8:03am PST 
First of all so sorry.hug. Contact your landlord and let him know what happened. Then call the police and get direction from them. You cannot fire a gun toward an occupied residence and your landlord cannot give permission for people to be on a property you are renting.


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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 9:43am PST 
So sorry for your loss and injury to your pup.hug I can't imagine what you are going through. I don't know Canadian law but Sabi does and gave some good advice. I hope that you are able to get some justice for your loss and recover expenses for your pup. This should never have happened.

Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 10:47am PST 
I am so sorry for your loss and I hope that your puppy will be alright. What a terrible thing to have happen. I don't agree with hunting and this just makes me more against it. I hope you do everything possible to make sure the hunters get charged. I don't like the fact that dogs are considered property. They are not property, they are our family, they are living beings. If it was up to me I think the hunters should be charged with murder. They must of been able to see that they were dogs and not some wild animal, obviously they didn't care. Again I am so sorry this has happened to you and I hope you get justice for your dogs.
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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 12:09pm PST 

That is ridiculous. A black lab mistaken for a coyote? No way. Even so, he shouldn't be shooting something unless he knew 100% what it was. Even taking half a second to look at a lab, one could clearly see it's not a coyote. If his vision was obscured so that he couldn't clearly see the lab, he shouldn't have shot. That's being reckless.

I'd throw the books on him. Shouldn't have a gun if he's that trigger happy.

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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 12:24pm PST 
So sorry for your loss.
I really don't know what can be done as I don't know much about the laws. But I do hope you can get justice for your poor pups hughughug
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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 2:31pm PST 
A few years back a young mother in Maine was fatally shot as she was hanging clothes on a line in her back yard. It was chilly so she was wearing white gloves and the "hunter" insisted they were the white tails of the deer he was shooting at.
Yes, he was arrested and convicted of manslaughter as well as other charges such as firing live rounds within 500 yards of inhabited property and other charges as well.
I am sorry for your loss and hope you will prevail against these idiots.
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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 5:23pm PST 
I am really sorry for your loss. frown

I agree with Sanka - what hunter mistakes a black lab for a coyote? That will not fly in court if you end up taking them there, I can assure you. I would call your landlord and the police to see where you stand but I believe you have a strong case.

Once again, I'm so sorry, that is a terrible thing to happen. hug
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Barked: Thu Nov 17, '11 7:20pm PST 
Toto- that's a lot like a case here in Oregon a few weeks ago where a man shot a hiker he swears up and down he thought was a black bear. The hiker was using an unofficial trail that went through the shooter's property.

I still think one of my neighbors shot Ginger as a coyote and decided not to own up to it. I know it was my fault she was able to get out and wander, but she had a bright orange collar on and didn't have a mean bone in her body, didn't pester livestock, there was no legitimate reason to shoot her. I feel torn apart thinking of her wounded and dying out in the woods so close to home, unable to get back to me...

OP, I feel for you and hope you can do something about that hunter's irresponsibility.
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