Terrier terror! Leash laws? Who to call?

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Barked: Sun Oct 23, '11 10:07pm PST 
So my mom had a neighbor move in semi-recently. This lady has a terrier. So when potty time comes around she just opens the gate, the dog runs down off the porch and into the road and wherever. It will run around in the bushes and down and up and all over and then she just calls it back in.


So my mom was driving one day, going less than 5mph because she saw that the gate was open and the woman had just gone back inside. She knew the dog had to be around. BAM. She almost hit it. Even at that slow speed he darted so close to her car that it was almost curtains. It's a country road, but people move pretty quickly on it when they do come down it. We lost a cat many years back to a car. The speed limit is about 10, but people go more like 25 at least.

Mom had a talk with the lady. "I'm just used to living in the country and you just let the dogs out. Sorry." Mom saw her bust the leash out maybe 5 times then no more.

Now she's back to doing it again. She plays fetch off the porch INTO THE ROAD. She just lets him run around and potty wherever on anyone's yard. He never goes far, but geez. He's not going to make it one of these days.

What can she do about this? For the safety of the dog and anyone who might swerve into a tree to avoid the dog?

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Need to look up the laws in your mother's town, it's hard to give a definitive answer without knowing what the written law in the area is. Could get her for a leash law, or dog at large, etc. But your mom needs to look at the laws for her area first. Our town's website has the Town Code accessible online for example. If she doesn't have something like that, she could call Animal Control if her area has one and inquire about the exact rules.