Laws and Legislation in other countries?

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Anyone know anything about the laws dealing with pets in other developed countries? (Besides the USA)

I'm asking because I'm mulling an idea around in my head about possibly moving to another country and obviously my pets are my children, so before I even begin to seriously consider something like that, I want to know how it would affect them.

Any information about pets in any developed country is welcomed. If you live, or have lived, in another country then that's great! Please tell me about it! hail

I'm looking for information about things like BSL (or restricted breeds) and other laws and ordinances, number of pets you're allowed to own, licensing, vaccinations and vet care, and what it's like to rent with pets. Information on how pet friendly the country is would be wonderful, too, and if you would recommend living there with pets.

Any information at all would be greatly appreciated.

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The laws vary greatly from place to place... perhaps you could narrow it down a bit? Many countries forbid pit bull-type dogs, Mastiffs, Dogos, Filas, etc.

StopBSL.com is a good starting place. Most of the site is devoted to U.S. law, but do have some info about international law and/or links to other sites that do.

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Well, i can give you a bit of info about here in the UK.

BSL? Sadly it exists. Pitbulls are banned aswell as the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Braziliero. In some parts of the country any dog resembling that of a Pitbull can be legally seized.

Vaccinations? None are required by law. No rabies.

There is no licensing for dogs, no limit on the amount of dogs you're allowed to own although if you're renting there can be restrictions. A council house usually has a 2/3 dog limit. Private renting will have stricter restrictions.

Leash laws? "It is an offence to have a dog on a designated road without it being held on a lead". Many places are dog friendly and off lead dogs are VERY common here. Beaches, Woods, Farm fields, Nature reserves, Parks, as long as they have a "public footpath" sign, than they are free to use. However "Your dog must not worry (chase or attack) livestock (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, horses and poultry) on agricultural land, so keep your dog on a lead around livestock. If your dog worries livestock, the farmer has the right to stop your dog (even by shooting your dog in certain circumstances" Most fields will have signs up warning you that cattle/sheep etc are grazing and that your dog must be kept on lead. It is not law they should be on lead, but under control. A great deal of freedom is permitted to dog owners here and long may it continue.

"Any dog in a public place must wear a collar with the name and address of the owner engraved or written on it, or engraved on a tag. Your telephone number is optional (but advisable)." This is not an enforceable law and many dog owners don't actually know this is a law! I myself walk Tyler with no collar most of the time.

Renting privatley can be tricky, but more and more properties are allowing dog owners to rent their properties. There is an actual website run by dog owners that lists dog friendly rentals in various counties. Although finding places to rent for a holiday with your dog is easy peasy!

Those are just a few laws here. Hope that was what you was after.

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Any ideas on where you want to move to? Or what you are looking for?
I grew up in Taiwan, it is an island about 100 miles off the coast of China. It is pretty well developed (though I did live mostly on the lesser developed, though much more scenic & therefore awesomer--is that a word?--sidelaugh out loud. Asian culture does not view animals in the same way Western ones do, and as a result the conditions for many animals in Taiwan is not the best. Fortunately, the younger generations are becoming more animal savvy, so things are starting to look up.
Taiwan is a rabies-free country, so the laws on importation are pretty strict, and there is a quarantine period (I believe 21 days). I got my dogs in Taiwan so I don't really know much about that whole process. I do not think there is any BSL, I never heard of any problems with dog attacks or anything like that either (even with packs of stray dogs...).
There is plenty to do in Taiwan with dogs! Where I lived you had a beach in front and mountains in back! Lots of walking/hiking paths, bike trails; and in the town I lived in, the store owner insisted I bring my dog inside with me. ^^ That would depend on the owner though. Normally I would not do that.
Hmm, I'm not really sure what to say though. I never really thought about what laws there were (do kids usually think about the law? XD jk ); oh, I think they did institute a leash law. I am not sure what else, or how enforced they are. We rented a house and animals were not an issue; but I'm pretty sure things are different with apartments, especially on the more developed side. Almost all the foreigners we knew had some type of pet. One family I baby sat for had a very cherished dog they took everywhere with them, and had been in and out of Taiwan several times (awesome dog too, and had even been to Egypt!).
Anyhoo, just thought I would at least mention Taiwan (did I say rabies free?!!). Even with all the bats. laugh out loud
Good luck on your quest!way to go

Sorry, I'm not linky knowledgeable either...cut & paste is what i do... wink

http://www.taiwan.alloexpat.com/taiwan_information/pets_to_bri ng_into_taiwan.php

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In Australia leash law and poop picking up law are pretty much the same. We do not have designated 'dog parks' but some parks (to be shared with people) are offleash. Breeds like Pit bulls, Dogo, Tosa, Fila, American Staffy need to be registered as a restricted breed with your council and are not allowed in all areas. Pit Bulls especially have been the subject of BSL in Victoria due to a recent dog attack. There are laws focusing around nuisance dogs such as barkers and dogs on large, and dogs at large on heat. Your dog needs to be registered with your council, wear a council tag, and be microchipped. Being caught without a registration will incur a $100 fine. in my shire you're allowed to have up to 2 dogs on your property, but I believe you can apply for a permit for more.

Also if your dog never leaves the property at all I don't think you need register.

Dogs found wandering will be taken to a shelter to be scanned for a chip, if no one claims them or no chip they will either be placed for adoption or PTS.

Vaccinations are not enforceable, we do not have rabies so any importation into our country will result in 6 months quarantine. That would probably be the hardest part of coming here.

All in all, it's a pretty easy place to have a dog, and an wonderful place to live.

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