Negligent Neighbor? Or am I just a busy-body?

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Barked: Fri Oct 7, '11 12:07am PST 
NEED ADVICE DOG OWNERS: (This happened Sat. but was too busy to mention)I was coming home from Barkworld & as I passed my neighbor's,I swore I saw a dog.I drove on & got Bella in the house but walked back to discover not just a little dog,but 2!I happened to recognize the dogs,these were the same 2 dogs who had ran into my home in my pre-Bella life...Into the house of a stranger.So I first checked the tags,wanting to make sure I was right but found no tags!So I took them to the door (the same woman who lets her cats run around & continually get pregnant)& asked if she was missing them...She said no & asked if they had wandered down to my house which I said no. She then asked if they had gone in the road,& I said no...Then she looked dumbfounded as to why I would bring them home after finding them outside by themselves at 10pm on a Saturday night...Was I wrong to worry about her two, tiny dogs(think some kind of terrier)?Dogs that are known to run into stranger's homes...Should I report her?I'm new to the worrying about other people's dogs and wondered what my fellow dog lovers thought...
Bruno CGC

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Barked: Fri Oct 7, '11 11:18am PST 
I wouldn't report her. I'm not sure she's done anything illegal here- did you actually enter her yard to inspect the dogs? It's not illegal to let your dogs off-leash on your own property, which it sounds like they were.

I don't know what you could report her for. shrug

My feeling is that I would not call animal control or the police unless 1. a law is being broken and 2. dogs or humans' lives are at stake. And even then I would probably talk to the owner first unless it REALLY couldn't wait.

We may not like the way our neighbors take care of their dogs, but starting a feud with someone by siccing AC on them can cause big trouble down the road. You do have to live next to this person after all.
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Barked: Fri Oct 7, '11 1:48pm PST 
I'm confused...what is there to report about?

She had her 2 dogs outside in her yard at night? I see nothing wrong with it.shrug

Sure, they might wander to someone else's yard, but we can't assume that.


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Is the front yard fenced? If not, yes she was negligent in her duties as a doggy parent - the two small dogs have no way of defending themselves if another dog where to attack & without the fence being there to protect the little things... I got in trouble off one of my neighbours for taking their dog to the vets when I found her Christmas day with a wound in the side of her face and covered in blood - she'd had a fight with their other dog and had escaped under the fence which is where I found her.

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Barked: Sun Oct 9, '11 2:01pm PST 
In our community, we don't have fenced in front yards and the dogs were not in her small grassy area or her car spots, they were two doors down just by themselves. I was looking through the site and took their advice on reading the city/county ordinances on animals. She's breaking about 4 of them: Letting them out without a leash, letting them out without her with them, letting them out with tags, letting her cat out with being spayed...It not only breaks the city's ordinances, the county's, but our condo community has leash laws as well...Our community is also having trouble with dogs being stolen, there are rumors of dog fighting in the area....These poor things could be used as bait dogs!