best friends animal society?

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I wasn't sure where to ask this it's kind of like what is their laws/policies is for helping the animals or not? There has been an ad every day on dogster for me for Best Friends Animal Society (bestfriends.org) Is that a good one or one like PETA or HS? ty

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Chance's massage therapist just got back from doing volunteer work at Best Friends. She did massage for many of the animals there including the livestock.

I know many other people who take their vacation time to go volunteer at Best Friends.

Every person I talk to who has gone to volunteer at Best Friends comes back talking about how deeply moving the experience was, how lucky they were to be able to spend their vacation time volunteering there and how they can't wait to go back.

A few of those people have made the decision to adopt animals from there even though it is a 1000 mile drive one-way.

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I have really love Best Friends and have been quite impressed. With HS I feel like they mean well (and I do like what they have done is raising puppy mill awareness) but just get sidetracked by other things & don't help as much as they could while Best Friends is really making a difference. I also like almost all of what they stand for (great educational programs & they aren't focused on shoving things down your throat like PETA) and how they are run.

They have a great setup and are a pretty strict no-kill. They are all about taking in the under dog and use great training methods and take as long as needed, they don't ever put to sleep because of behavior issues and have dogs who will spend many years here or even their entire lives. The only time they euthanize is because of severe medical issues, and they have a pretty awesome vet team so it is only after they have tried everything possible.

I am still all about donating to local rescues/shelters but I would recommend this one. They have a great sponsorship program that can be a great idea for a gift or to honor someone. A few years ago I actually sponsored one of their special needs cats in honor of our cat Maggie on the 1 year anniversary of her passing. I truly felt my money was going to great use and it was a pleasent experience.

I really would love to go up there and volunteer someday and if I didn't live so far away I probably would have done it already.

Also if you want a really good look into Best Friends you might want to check out on of the seasons of DogTown which is just a wonderful show anyway.

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Best Friends is an animal sanctuary first and an advocacy group second, which is REALLY different from HSUS or PETA or any other mainstream animal rights/welfare groups. No animal at Best Friends will EVER be put down if they can still lead a comfortable life. "Adoptable"?- doesn't matter! They have a lot of dogs with severe health and behavioral issues that are being managed as best as they can and will live their lives out there. Since they are well-funded and staffed, this doesn't mean "warehousing" unadoptable pets like sanctuaries are often accused of- the facilities and level of care is excellent at Best Friends. I've been there, it really is a nice place. They have cats, parrots, horses, pigs, and other critters as well as dogs.

They have a really nice website if you want more info about them:
Best Friends Animal Society . Go to the side tab "About Best Friends" for FAQs, mission statement, admission policy, etc. They were also the focus of the Nat Geo show "Dogtown".

The only complaints I've ever heard about them were that they don't go far enough- in animal rights, in condemning bad shelter practices, etc. They're not extremists, in other words. I've also heard someone disagree with their practice of not putting down old dogs that have arthritis- but then again, isn't that the POINT of a sanctuary? To let unwanted animals live out their whole lifespan in peace?

I think overall they are a reputable group that I wouldn't feel any conflict in supporting.

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I think they are a great group. I've heard nothing but good things, and had great experiences overall. I've done a bit of work with some people involved there about raising awareness for using shelter dogs as service dogs if the situation permits it. They actually ran an article on Mandi recently: http://network.bestfriends.org/blogs/new_leash_on_life/archive/2011/ 08/24/missouri-puppies-for-parole.aspx

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check out the documentary "Dogtown" - you can watch it on Netflix for free for instance or rent it..
It's great.
We are going to visit them over Christmas.

Best to you, sonja and the girls

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I'm no expert by any means, but ever since I came back stateside (around 7 years ago) and found out about Best Friends, I have admired them (and wished I could go there).

Recently, I've really respected them for taking in the Michael Vick dogs and rehabilitating the majority of them (and there is an episode of that on Dogtown).

I wholeheartedly approve of this sanctuary! blue dog
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LOVE them.
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Some of THE BEST.....

They are Angels.......

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