What would you do to help poor dog in dog house....

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I'm not sure what to do so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

I live next door to a very nice older couple. However, they do not, in my opinion, take care of their animals they way I think they should.They are very old fashioned and (not to be mean, kind of not super intelligent, but nice). His children who are in their 40's are both married an unemployed and take turns living with them and then bring their animals and families. They have had two young horses DIE after a few months, not sure why... Also, the older gentleman had a dog that lived outside since we moved their about 10 years ago. He does have a dog house, but this poor old dog was hardly ever let of its short chain, and I felt so sorry for it. He did give it food and water, but it was no life for a dog. They have one dog that lives inside. I asked what happen to the dog this spring, and he said he found him dead this winter. I'm sure if froze to death..he was old and needed to be inside.

We live in a very cold state that can get minus degrees in the winter, and they never brought this dog inside.

I was actually glad to know that this poor dog no longer had to live this life.

Well,,,,I go outside about three weeks ago and I see a young mixed type breed chained up to the dog house barking. I finally found out they were watching it for some friends supposedly...I thought whew it will be leaving soon...thank God. Now I find out that the friends no longer want the dog and the son of his grown children said he was going to see if he could get $50.00 bucks for the dog. I told him to take it to the humane society because people buy cheap dogs on craigslist and do horrible things to them.

He has not gotten rid of the dog and it is already getting down in the 30s in the evening. When this poor dogs barks someone comes out..usually the unemployed husband of the adult daughter and yells for it to shut-up.

I have told my husband that if it is not gone soon, I will have to call when it gets so cold...what do you think should I?

I'm afraid to cause problems, but this bothers me so much. I already have 3 dogs of my own. It just breaks my heart. It's so hard to sleep knowing that dog is outside in a cold dog house.

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I would call. Or I would offer some kind of bedding or blankets for the dog. We had a woman that lived next door to us who owned two pitbulls. This was during the winter months, and it doesn't get TOO too cold her in the South. But it gets cold enough for us who aren't used to it. Every morning I would wake up and go outside to see these two dogs stuffed in a medium sized metal kennel, too cold to even sit down. They looked horrible. I was afraid of retaliation, so instead of calling AC, I just offered her an old bed of Daegan's that he never used. It made a huge difference. It didn't SOLVE the problem of course, but at least the babies could lay down.
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Im many areas, as long as the dog has food, water and shelter nothing will be done. A shelter can usually be pretty much anything with sides and a roof. If nothing can be done to get the poor dog brought in, rather than blankets or bedding, which get wet and frozen, consider buying some bales of straw. It is much more insulating and will keep the dog warmer. In our area, straw runs about $2.50 a bale

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I thought the law said something about proper shelter though...

If it just says "shelter"...well that can be up to anyone's discretion. I saw someone use a cardboard box as a shelter for a puppy in winter. It was not seen as adequate shelter, therefore the dog was seized (after giving the owner attempts to improve the shelter).

But really...a dog can only take so much. It's a shame. My dogs have a fully insulated dog house. 2 sheets of wood on either wall with 2-1/2 insulation in between and in the floor. They get lots of bedding and blankets...flaps on the doors, and I monitor the inside temperature with a wireless thermometer. Even with ALL of that, there are still a few weeks in the winter where it just just too cold, and they must come in. It's one thing for the dog to live outside free to find its own shelter and it's another to tie it in your yard and not let it find appropriate shelter.

Eh, are you on talking terms with these people? As in striking up a conversation is normal? If so, just voicing interest in possibly giving a blanket or offering to find the dog a home for them may help.
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I'd give him the $50 then take it to the humane society.
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I have people on the way to work who have a bunch. I mysteriously drop of straw to them in the middle of the night. I don't want to meet these people as I may say something stupid and the dogs will suffer from it. As long as there is a shelter, described as 4 walls a floor and roof, fresh water and food there is not much that can be done. There is a limit to chain length, I believe it's at least 6 feet. It's tempting to pay 50 for the dog, but what happens if they get another dog? It could get expensive. I don't get it either. It's supposed to be in the 20's here tonight and I know the dogs don't have any straw - guess I'll buy some this weekend and leave it on their porches again...

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My hubby is one of those people. Dogs belong outside. Dogs can eat whatever. Dogs don't need vets. Oh yeah I love dogs.
Probably not surprising he couldn't live with me. The dogs have a bed in every room. The dogs are never left out but need a doghouse just in case. The dogs have their own towels. The dogs need MORE toys.

I have a hard time controlling my mouth, it works independantly. As a result I have learned to stay away from people that may trigger my mouth. BUT sometimes dogs just wander off, its the strangest thing.

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I understand how you feel. It breaks my heart to see or hear of any animal not being taken care of properly. I have 3 dogs which are inside and I would probably try and get the puppy for 50 dollars and bring it inside with all the others. I hate to see dogs or cats out in the cold. At least if someone bought it maybe they would love it enough to take it to the vet and take care of it properly.