People who let their dogs walk off leash near roads?

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Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 7:06am PST 
I think the last bits were more as a response to whoever said they keep their dogs on leash even in their fully fenced yard.shrug

But, all roads are not created equal.laugh out loud Yep, there are plenty of roads I would not walk Kato off leash by. More so about him deciding to chase something like a rabbit though. I can call him off sometimes, but even that won't prevent it. He'll still charge forward and by the time I yell out and he registers it, he'd already be in the road.

Eh, I've always been fascinated by how he just doesn't seem to notice cars. I've always wondered if it was due to me...me leashing him up, grabbing his collar, etc when a car passes by. He's never needed to pay attention to them. I do it for him.

That video of the dogs in the Asian country...they look for cars.

How to safely allow him to figure out he needs to watch out for cars on his own is something I don't know how to do. So, that's why I still leash him up, even though I see it as me doing all the work for him.

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What frustrates me more than that are the people who run over a dog and keep on driving.

When Jag was young we lived in the middle of nowhere on a dead end street. Only one house was further than ours. We always let our dogs run free to potty etc. Never had an incident. But one day after I came home from school (4th grade) and I was watching the dogs run around, a truck came flying down the road. Jaguar was crossing and she was hit and tumbled under it. Luckily she was a flexible little pup and wasn't hit by a tire. She was terrified and hurt so she layed still for a moment after it had passed. The car kept going! They never slowed, never puased to see if this little girl's dog was alright. My mom came running out of the house to help Jag. I was crying, but she only had a large concrete burn on her back leg. Cleaned it up wrapped it and let it heal. She was fine.

Since then I've seen the same happen multiple times! I've even heard a story where a bus driver TRIED to hit a dog crossing the street. Its terrible!
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Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 10:43pm PST 
I'm with you on this, Abner. My dog is a scenthound. I simply will not risk it. He has a long line if I want to give him some 'freedom' while on hikes away from roads and even then, I have access to the end of the line or can hold the very end of the line and he has a good 40-60 feet to roam, depending on the long line I bring. He's great on that and it's so much less restricting that he absolutely loves it.

That said, never would I risk ANY dog off leash near a road, ever. Hiking trails, dog parks, etc, depends on the dog, but near a ROAD? Heck no.

I actually had a lady once who saw Charlie trying to drag me(towards a rabbit hiding under a bush that she could not see from her balcony) and she actually started shouting obscenities at me about how I should 'let him be a dog!' and who did I think I was to 'not let him loose to run'. Uhm... Hey, Crazy lady, clearly you have NEVER owned a Beagle, and CLEARLY, you don't care about the EXTREMELY busy main road right down the block. As soon as I started shouting back at her, she shuffled off into her apartment and hid away again. Sigh.

What I don't like is the dogs that are loose in areas that are not designated off leash areas - such as my neighborhood. Why? Because Charlie is leash reactive. I DO NOT want a strange, loose dog coming up to my dog. To me, you don't have nearly as much control over what happens with a dog off leash, than a dog that is on leash. At least I know if a fight breaks out or if my dog manages to set off your dog, I can still pull mine into the clear with his leash - but what are you gonna do about YOUR dog? That scares me because I've seen MANY dogs end up in fights or get attacked by strange, loose dogs, even after the owner has said "Oh, he's fine!"

I have seen people with almost no control over their on-leash dog. These dogs are probably more likely to get away from their handlers than the off-leash dogs who are under a lot of training and time.

If your dog is pulling and reacting to other dogs on a leash, you really have no business telling off-leash dog handlers what to do. If your dog is under control than you do have some leverage. I am more concerned about people with highly reactive dogs who pull towards my dog than the off-leash dogs.

This depends entirely upon the owner and the dog. Charlie is very leash reactive, but with extensive positive reinforcement, I've gotten him from reacting 10/10 times, to only reacting 5/10 times and in those 5/10, it's typically only if the dog is within ten-twenty feet, or already reacting to him to begin with. If there are people with reactive dogs that are getting pulled toward your dog, they obviously have some work to do and need to keep their eyes peeled for other dogs. I am constantly aware of my surroundings, for anything that might set off Charlie - whether it's a rabbit or another dog. And I always get under his threshold to prevent him from reacting and trying to pull towards that dog. While yes, my dog is leash reactive, I DO appreciate people with their off leash dogs to either let me steer clear of them(which some DON'T because clearly me trying to move my dog under threshold means let your dog approach), or that they have ENOUGH control over their dog, regardless of leash or no leash, that the dog leaves my dog alone. I'm sorry, but regardless of on leash or off leash, I fully expect people to give me and my dog the space if I make it clear I want it and considering we DO have leash laws in my city, I don't like to see off leash dogs in areas not designated for off leash dogs.

Regardless of whether a person trusts their dog on or off leash, letting them off near a road, to me, is too much risk. I'd rather a safe dog on a leash, than a dead dog on the street.

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Barked: Sun Oct 2, '11 11:41pm PST 
I walk Tuarwen off leash, have done so since she was a puppy. She keeps her focus on me. Granted this is only if i take her to let her run the school property at night(has a fence around the outside) or at the local park(not fenced). If i take her around the neighborhood shes leashed, because there are people who let their dogs run loose. We live in a hicktown, and most are pits or pit mixes. I love pits, but i also know tuarwen has been attacked twice, and dont wanna give anyone reason to say 'Pits are mean and need to die' because fact is, when its just me and they run up they are sweet, and they go away if shes with me and i say 'ah ah'

Now would i ever let Liam off leash? I have, when he was younger and obsessed with trailing after me, just to get the ail. Now? No, least not till i trust his recall.


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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 8:25am PST 
This is one of those topics that is very situational. It really depends on the level of traffic in the road. I do on country hikes where it's legal and no motors are allowed. I don't let my dog off leash near traffic. (We have leash laws besides). All it takes is one blown off 'leave it' or recall cue and the dog can wind up dead. There aren't too many dogs out there with an ounce of prey drive that can completely ignore a squirrel running right in front of them. I've been seeing tons of dead squirrels on the roads lately, because this time of year they are constantly running to find and hide food, and they get nailed crossing roads. A lot.

I've seen two dogs in two different neighborhoods hit and killed, one by a car, the other by my school bus (that was one of the most awful things I've ever seen). Both were offleash and chasing a critter running through the hood and right in front of a vehicle. It certainly made an impression on me...

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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 9:26am PST 
My last dog was great off leash. I rarely leashed him, ever, & I live in a big city. He stayed at heel, would wait while I went into stores, etc. Not once did he run up to another dog without permission. He preferred the company of humans. I got a warning ticket for having him off leash..when he was 11, so that ended his off leash privs. But he barely noticed the leash, it didn't change his behaviour...he was still the best behaved dog I ever had the pleasure of sharing my life with.
That being said, I would not give da boyz the same freedom. Squam has the attention span of a teenager, & Wiley would bolt in a heartbeat to chase a furry!

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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 9:45am PST 
Shadow will never be off leash. GSD or not she HUNTS. Let her catch a scent and she becomes blind, deaf and dumb. And if she can see her prey forget any reasoning. I wish I could let her loose but its not going to happen in the forseeable future.
Sabi could be off leash anywhere but I would never risk her near traffic.
Bud is fine to let loose in safe areas and his recall is solid but near a road no way. He is too easy to distract.

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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 12:31pm PST 
Sanka, yes, the old man with all the dogs following him lives in Taiwan. It is like that all over Taiwan. Meaning there is always a lot of strays and a lot of horrible drivers. They probably were strays, and some of the residents will, like he does, get attached to them and start feeding them. I used to go up to a huge pack of strays that just moments before would be barking at cars and chasing them (or even be fighting between themselves), but then will go up to me to be petted; they know who their friends are. smile
ETA: The dogs in Taiwan do learn to look for cars, but they learn the hard way. Either by being hit & surviving, nearly being hit, or by seeing another dog hit. The Animals Taiwan rescue (one of only a few) have many animals, but there are so many strays they limit themselves to the animals that have been hurt.

I personally don't care for dogs being allowed off-leash near roads (and I've seen many a dog around here dashing across roads & railroads). It would be more understandable if it were long stretches of road in the middle of no-where & you can see any traffic coming. But you can never be too careful. Twister got out of the yard before & went running down the street (hence the reason our dogs are not allowed out in our fully-fenced yard unless someone is with them; at times I will even leash them in the yard if there are other dogs out). Anyhow, he did end up getting hit by a truck, but luckily for him it just clipped his back leg & he got away with just a limp.
We have a neighbor that has a perfectly good fenced in back yard. But their small dog is kept outside at all times in the unenclosed front yard. He is always running after cars or across the street doing his business in someone elses yard.confused Erk, I think I'm writing a bit much. I realize the discussion is about walking the dog near roads, but really I think it to be much the same.

Right now it might be fine, but I believe you can not control every situation and there just may be a day that the dog is hurt because it was off-leash.

I don't think dogs that live in the country should be allowed to be off-leash near roads either. I know of a BC who is constantly running out to chase cars, I've had a close call with it myself. I also recently had to pull a neighbor's dead dog out of the road and tell his owner what had happened. That was not very fun. Country dogs can be killed just as easily as city dogs. Just my opinion. shrug

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