What can i do. Someone poisoned my dog.

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On New Years Eve I went to pick up my two children at my ex wifes house. I always take my litte girl with me so she can play with her dog, a great dane by the name of zar. Shortly after i got home my baby started acting wrong and shortly was deathly ill. I called an emergency vet line then my ex wife. As soon as she answered she told me to keep a close eye on my girl because they had zar at the vet and he was seizing. Both were treated and sent home with iv and meds to keep them calm. My baby is ok now. Just heard a few moments ago that zar has passed. I know that there neighbor poisoned our babies. No one saw them so the cops said to bad they wouldnt even let me fill out a report. What other recourse do i have?
Savannah Blue Belle

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Barked: Tue Jan 4, '11 7:28am PST 
Wow. I am so sorry. But I can't exactly follow your line of thought - if nobody saw your neighbor do it, how do you know they did?

Not trying to be argumentative. Just don't follow.

Did the vet say it was poisoning?

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If nothing was witnessed then it is a he said/she said type situation. in a dog poisoning there isn't really anything you can do without proof.

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Is she ok, though? Is it Mouse you are talking about? She is a beautiful girl!

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How do you know it was the neighbor?

Are you sure they didn't get into something left on the property by your ex? (think antifreeze, rodent poisons)

Was your dog in her house at all? Could they have gotten into something inside?

What was the poison the dogs were treated for?

Has the ex checked the yard for any evidence left behind if indeed someone put something in the yard for them to consume? I'm assuming you were outside supervising, can you go back and check the spots they played around?

So sad, and so many questions frown

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If there was no proof then no way police can do much..

Why do you think the neighbor did this they hate your dog or something do they got kids/teens?

Maybe a neighbor used rat poison to kill some mice or rats and the dogs found the dead mice/rats and ate it..

was there any poison evidence found in the two dogs?

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It is sad that this has happened to your dog. We had our german shepard killed in the same fashion several years ago. (RIP Misty) There is no physical proof so we were unable to do anything even though the whole neighborhood knew it was our neighbor how had done it because she barked at him and woke up the neighborhood when he was trying to steal water and put his trash in our bins ( he never had trash cans laways carried it to other people bin and stole water from ours and other neighbord faucets) We even had witnesses to him killing a puppy during a childs birthday party but because the puppy approached him they could do nothing frown All we could do was padlock our gate and paddle lock our dogs collars to thier tie outs for when they were in the yard so he could not let them loose which he did do to our puppy. and teach them to never take anything from anyone. If you do get another dog teach them that as well as never leave kibble in thier bowl and if possible use an automatic dog water thing attached to the faucet so they activate it either with stepping on a level or the rabbit type water thing where it lets water from the faucet when they lick it. so nothing can be put into thier kibble or water bowls.

Its sad but the cops cannot do anything without proof. All you can do is protect your future pets.

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Yes mouse is doin ok now. The neighbor had threated to kill my ex wifes dog 2 weeks earlier over a dispute. Her dog and his got together. Both dogs were outside in there respective yards unattended. Fenced in yards, and his dog was in heat, so we all know what happened.
Mouse just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Yes I checked the yard for anything left from the poisoning. The neighbors wife has 3 dogs. Apparently he has a few mental problems. The ex wifes boyfriend went over to ask him if he had poisoned the dogs and the man attacked him. Yes the vet said it was a pesticide, neurotoxin of some type but they couldnt identify it in the bood work. They found it just couldnt identify it.

Pepper - The Little Imp
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Usually, without an eye witness or physical evidence that leads back to the neighbor, there is nothing the police can do. However, if your ex's boyfriend was attacked by the suspect, he should file a police report and maybe he can include that the guy threatened the dog and now the dog is dead from poison. Maybe he can get a report in via the assault. It sure sounds like the neighbor is a potential threat to others.