can DOGS get a restraining order????

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Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 4:03pm PST 
I was threatened with a restraining order for my dogs by a woman who's husband is a lawyer.

Here's the story. Me and the woman had been friends, we met at a little known hiking spot. It's very beautiful, great for dogs.

I hadn't seen her in a while, last I saw her my dogs were just beginning with sarcoptic mange (unknown at the time)

I stayed out of there for a while so not to infect any other dogs even tho there was little risk of that.

Anyway, I saw her today. She asked how they were (she'd seen the itching skin) I said "oh they had sarcoptic mange, do you know what that is?" she said no. I explained it was mites but before I could say anything more like how they don't have it anymore for a while now she quickly said she wanted to go ahead and not have any problems for her dogs. I tried calling to her that they don't have it anymore but she didn't care and walked ahead.

It was pretty hard to walk because of the snow and I purposely slowed more to let her get further ahead, I even veered off the trail, but it was too hard for me to walk so I went back on. I thought by this time I'd never catch up to her and it was getting dark, so we moved on.

About 20 minutes later I saw her in the distance as I turned the curve. She started yelling "DO NOT COME NEAR ME, GET OFF MY A**" I called "there's no where else to go!" and she leashed on dog but the other was off leash. I kept going further, totally ignoring her because I knew her dogs weren't at risk, it was getting dark, I was cold and having trouble walking and no where else to go but forward!

Well she cursed me out as I passed, I said "you can call my vet - my dogs are not contagious" she said "**** you and your vets. there are other trails you could take" but there wasn't in this deep snow! so I just walked on.

I hate anyone angry at me though and we had been pretty good friends...so as soon as I got home I emailed her and explained the whole thing, what sarcoptic mites are, how my dogs had it and were treated and it's cycle is 2 weeks, etc.etc. I said I'd never put her dogs or any at risk..

She wrote back this:

" I asked you nicely to let me move on and you incited me and followed me for over 40 minutes when there were other routes you could have taken besides behind me. I am asking you once again stay away from me in the future or I will get a restaining order on your pups."

So If I run into this woman again, which is likely (she lives right next to the hiking trail and often there) what should I do can she actually get a restraining order on DOGS??? I didn't purposely follow her there was just one straight trail that goes in a circle around the hiking trail!There are many off trails but like I said I couldn't walk them in that snow there was only a main one that was padded down from people walking.

I never ran into any problem with people before. Least of all one like this...

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Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 4:17pm PST 
lol let her try.... laugh out loud laugh out loud

Restraining orders aren't just doled out randomly.... laugh out loud

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Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 4:25pm PST 
Sounds like someone's a bit off center. And ignorant.

Easy for me to say, but, don't worry about it. I'm pretty sure when she goes to get a restraining order, she'll get laughed out of the building.


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Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 4:42pm PST 
whew thanks Lilith and Mikey that's what i thought but since her hubby is a lawyer I was a little worried...I know she is a paranoid person but I never thought it would be about me lol because well I'd never do anything like purposely follow her to make her dogs sick or something. Anyway my dogs are happy and tired. I think they can be a better species than humans alot of times...

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Barked: Wed Dec 29, '10 6:56am PST 
She has a few nuts loose I would say! shock

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Adam, it would be hilarious if it wasn't so hurtful. Honestly...where did she want you to go? Was it a public park? If so, she has no legal recourse. It is too bad she was not in a good enough space to understand your email. BTW...The restraining order would have to issued against YOU, not the dogs. Courts are so clogged up the chances of her application even making it on a docket are slim to none. I tried to get a retraining order against someone many years ago. Although he had beaten me there were no witnesses or physical signs & my application was denied. So I doubt she could get one for your dogs just because you walked over 100 yards behind her.

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Barked: Fri Dec 31, '10 5:06am PST 
"When you see Crazy coming, cross the street!"

-Iyanla Vanzant

Really, she sounds cooky, lol. If you see her, make it a point to turn around and walk the other way even if it's just for 20 feet. Make sure she sees ypou do this and keep a distance between you and her. Maybe you could tell her (email)that you have the vet receipts showing the dogs were treated, that you will do what is possible to stay away from her, but that if she keeps this up, you will get a restraining order on HER (tell her you do not want any more emails or any other form of contact with her).

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I'd completely ignore her and just do what your doing. She's a nut.

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Barked: Sat Jan 1, '11 3:12pm PST 
I just hope one of her dogs gets fleas or something. It's bad Karma Lady!
Good riddance. I would have no use for anyone that "dog stupid" anyway.
I hope her husband the lawyer rolled his eyes and called her an idiot.

Oooo. I bet she doesn't realize all dogs always have Demodex mites! Think of her curled up right now with her dogs at her feet....her mangy dogs....mooohahahaha!

And we humans have our own mite species too! EEK! try and run away from those!eekeek

(we need an evil face emoticon....)

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That is ridiculous! shock

If this is a public trail then she has no right to say you can't walk on it, or have to take another path. It's not her property, she cannot make rules like that. Even her husband could tell her that... ugh!

I seriously doubt she could get a restraining order against your dogs, or even against you, like Squ'mey said. If they don't even give special attention to restraining orders for serious cases like someone being beaten, then I seriously doubt they'd pay attention to one for a stupid reason like "I don't like this person's dogs walking behind/in front/past me on a PUBLIC TRAIL."

Even if her husband agrees with her, I doubt his being a lawyer would have much affect in the court's decision. If it gets really serious I bet you could easily win your case by providing some basic information of mange and a message from your vet that says your dogs are not contagious. Hopefully (most likely) it wont come to that, but I wouldn't be too worried.

Woman sounds a bit screwed up in the head. confused