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Dog abortions?

This is a forum to discuss legislation and legal matters pertaining to the rights and welfare of dogs. Please remember to counter ideas and opinions with which you don't agree with friendly and helpful advice and responses.

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Hopeless- Optimist.
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 9:24am PST 
I wasn't sure where to put this...
1) Do you agree with puppy abortions
2) Do you think pregnant females who are abandoned (surrendered, strays,etc) should have their pups aborted
3) When are the circumstances when pups should AND should not be aborted

keep in mind there is no right or wrong. It's all opinion.

I personally feel that a female dog coming in to a shelter that's pregnant should have the puppies aborted.
along with
-dogs too unhealthy to carry.emaciated dogs,and dogs with abnormalities that inhibit normal function,etc
-extremely human aggressive dogs surrendered to the shelter,that are pregnant
- pregnancy in older/senior dogs or the very young dogs that are not old enough to have a litter
-dogs with a serious injury,medical issue or infection that can kill mom or pups or both,that is complicated by the pregnancy/can complicate pregnancy.
-"oops breeding"

Some people think that shelters should put new born pups down. I personally do not agree with that as the mother may miss it's puppies (but than again it may not)

again all based on opinion.
K-10 Von- Canein

K-10. 1 step- above a k-9
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 11:14am PST 
I am a hunter, but am pro-life. An aborted puppy doesn't get a chance. A born puppy may be adopted.

All the virtue- of men without- his vices
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 11:38am PST 
If going through with the pregnancy would kill the mother, and the pups, I would agree with terminating the pregnancy. I don't think mothers going into shelters should have their litter aborted; puppies can be adopted. Puppies generally are. It's a matter of making sure fools that just want a fat puppy for a week don't get them. smile


Hopeless- Optimist.
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 1:52pm PST 
I just feel there are enough dogs rotting in shelters, adding puppies to the mix will do nothing to curb it but only add to the problem.
Misty *RIP- Mommy's- Angel*

Is that food for- me???
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 1:56pm PST 
I'm with you Ace. I would rather see them aborted than euthanized later if they don't get adopted. There are plenty of people dropping off litters they can't find homes for at the shelters for people who want puppies. Why add to the overcrowding?

ETA: It's a very sad situation either way, I didn't mean to sound callous. I would rather that no dogs or puppies had to be put in shelters, but it's not a perfect world and there is no cure for stupid people!

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All that lives- is holy.
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 2:20pm PST 
1) Do you agree with puppy abortions?

I see it as no different than euthanasia. The issues coming into play with human abortion (I am pro-choice, btw) don't, for me, come into play for puppy abortions because puppies are euthanized frequently anyway.

That said, no, I do not support puppy abortion any more than I would support euthanizing entire litters of puppies because they may not be adopted. Frankly, I think they should be given a chance. The chance of survival for an aborted puppy is slim to none.

2) Do you think pregnant females who are abandoned (surrendered, strays,etc) should have their pups aborted?

Contingent on circumstances, again, no. I think that the value of the life of an unborn puppy whose mother was abandoned is no less than the value of the life of a puppy growing inside a bitch who won Westminster last year.

There is, of course, a far greater demand for the pups of the Westminster bitch. That's why I would recommend breeding HER, but altering the other bitch prior to breeding so that lives for which there may be no place in the world are never created. Once the lives are there, though, I think they deserve to be born and have a chance to live and be adopted. IF they end up getting euthanized, so be it. 4 million out of 60 million pets get euthanized every year for population control reasons. That's one out of every fifteen. If the dog has a litter of fifteen puppies, statistics show that one of them will be euthanized in a shelter. If you spay/abort them, all of them have been euthanized.

3) When are the circumstances when pups should AND should not be aborted

When there's a good chance the mother cannot have the puppies (Rottweiler X Chihuhua, anyone?) and survive; when the mother has a genetic disease that will likely be passed on to the puppies (von Wildebrands, for example); when the fetuses are known or suspected to be nonviable or deformed; when the mother has killed, refused, or canabalized a previous litter; when no resources exist or are available to raise the litter, no matter how much one might like to.

I've had a dog spay/aborted before. I think that the argument that it's okay to spay/abort but it's not okay to euthanize the puppies after birth is a weak one, because this mother knew she was going to have puppies and she pined for them. She raised stuffed animals instead. cry

Human mothers have a choice of whether or not to get an abortion. Dog mothers do not. I don't know that I think it's my place to take a bitch's litter after all she's invested in it- the energy to build the endometrium, breeding, developing them as far along as she has, the hormonal changes, et cetera.

However, to each his own.
Shelly (CGC,- JHD-s-g,- JS-N, RS

Hardcore- Corgi-is getting- her own SHEEP!
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 2:52pm PST 
When we adopted Shelly they told us that she had, had a litter of 5 that had been aborted. They said that she had been in the shelter the max amount of day (5) and when the rescue got her they went to spay her, once she was on the table and cut open they found out about the puppies. Thats when they aborted them.

To be honest I dont know how I feel about the whole thing... on the one hand, if they hadnt aborted the puppies we would have been able to adopt Shelly when we did, and I cant imagine my life with out her, and just think about how freaken cute her pups would have been! ( lol I know its kind of a weird thought but its exactly what I thought!)

On the other hand does the world really need 5 more unwanted pups? If Shelly and her big sad brown eyes lasted 5 whole days at a shelter, there is a possibility that those pups would have turned 8 weeks been put on the adoption list, take up kennel space for 5 days just to be put down......

So... I dont know....

Changing one- mind at a time - APBT style
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 3:24pm PST 
1) Do you agree with puppy abortions

I don't consider myself "pro life" OR "pro choice" because the issue is far too complex (yes even with people). I will say however that I am against it when irresponsible people do things without protection and then go out and have an abortion because it's more convenient, but at the same time I would support one if it were to save the mother's life, and wouldn't be against it in abuse/assault cases (to put it in dogster-friendly terminology). I am always against late term abortions (when pain receptors are present) in humans and animals.

I am not for against puppy abortions as a whole because it really depends on the situation. Would the puppies stand a chance at adoption if they were allowed to be born, how far along is the pregnancy, would the puppies go into caring homes or abusive homes if not aborted?

2) Do you think pregnant females who are abandoned (surrendered, strays,etc) should have their pups aborted

Again, I think it depends on the situation. If the shelter is over crowded and don't think the puppies would or could get adopted then I see it as no different than euthanasia. If there were no pain receptors it may be less traumatizing for any animals involved than euthanizing fully developed pups capable of feeling pain, fear and stress.

3) When are the circumstances when pups should AND should not be aborted.

Circumstances where they should undoubtebly be include when the mother's life is at risk, if the pups are dead inside the mother before birth. A circumstance where they should not be aborted would be for convenience, if they pups could find good homes and it wouldn't cause the death of other already born and pain/fear/stress receptive adoptable animals.

All that lives- is holy.
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 3:51pm PST 
On the other hand does the world really need 5 more unwanted pups?

Shelly, just for debate's sake...

Who says no one would've wanted them? You wanted Shelly, right?

I am the- princess!
Barked: Fri Feb 26, '10 5:01pm PST 
I do not agree with it. When we added Dutchess to our family she was pregnant. We did not abort her litter. She had 3 beautiful healthy aussie/lab mix pups. We kept her as our own, but had a rescue group help us pick perfect families for her babies. We actually still hear from them and get pics! She was spayed as soon as she was able to be after the birth of her puppies
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