Shock collars on the genetals

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What a long- strange trip- it's been...
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '07 9:45am PST 
That is not at all surprising.shrug

kisses, kisses,- kisses, kisses,- kisses!!
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '07 11:05am PST 
Nope not really, probably realized we were on to her. Maybe she has gone elsewhere to convince everyone she's an angel!!big laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

What a long- strange trip- it's been...
Barked: Wed Jul 4, '07 11:21am PST 
Realized we were on to her?...What do you think gave us away?thinkingbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh


Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 4:33am PST 
It's terrible that people like this use certain training methods to abuse dogs, the same way people use certain breeds for fighting. It puts a stigma on training collars and makes people think they are cruel and abusive, meanwhile it is just being used in the wrong hands. I cannot believe there are people willing to work with animals just to make a quick buck, when they actually don't care about the pet's well being at all. I hope the dog is okay though!!!!
Rosalita Lola "Rosie"

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Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 6:53am PST 
Just a quick note - this thread is well over a year old.
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Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 2:34pm PST 
I'm looking at her site... and she proves she knows SQUAT about dogs from just what she has on her site. shock

Seriously... her family friendly dogs are usually dogs that AREN'T recommended if you have children. Like chihuahuas and yorkies and pomeranians and shih tzus... come on! Are you freakin' kidding me?? Some kids can do okay around those dogs, yes. I did. However, I have known PLENTY of kids who are too rough. Which results in the kid being bitten. That alone would make me question her experience with dogs. That and she has designer breeds listed.

Just horrible. The fact that some people actually trust her with their dog amazes me. silenced

And like Rosie said, this thread is a year old. laugh out loud

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Cookies 'n'- Creme- (1998-2011)

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 4:32am PST 
shockOh. My. Dawg.shock
That Ami is one nasty person. I don't usually say that about people, but her posts and her training methods are enough proof to me. She never admits when she's wrong, at least from what I've seen here. I agree with a previous post, she's digging her own grave. And we don't believe everything in print on a newspaper either. If we did, we'd be for BSL, not against it. Just because we say "That's horrible!!!shock" doesn't mean that we think the story is 100% bonified true.
[I realize that this is over a year old.]
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Barked: Thu Aug 30, '12 10:11am PST 
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